You are your own brand

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you are your own brand

Be Your Own Brand: A Breakthrough Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd by David McNally

This may seem like an unusual book to review, but again, this was an exercise for work and the leadership development program of which I am a participant. In one of our sessions, we had touched on what is a personal brand and even started the exercise to create one. Unfortunately, I didn t get it. I didn t understand how someone could create their own brand when a brand is how others perceive you. I left the session that day more confused and uncertain than I was when I started the day. I was confused about how I was going to go about writing my personal brand and uncertain that I had anything special to offer people as part of my brand.[return][return]Thankfully, I took the time to read this book, and I got it. The exercises spread throughout the book, as well as the case studies presented for each exercise, helped me understand just what I was trying to accomplish. As for my own personal traits, through previous personal development exercises, I was able to finally see where my strengths lie and what make me special and unique. In fact, I finished the book with a fairly decent completed personal brand. It still needs some fine-tuning, but overall, when I started with nothing, I m pretty satisfied with the results.[return][return]Overall, developing a personal brand is an intensely personal exercise. Even though the book was instrumental in helping me write one, I m not certain I would have been half as successful at it had I not been spending the previous twelve months doing other personal development exercises. To me, this book was the culmination of all those exercises, where I was finally able to combine everything I learned into one document or one exercise. In the end, the personal brand helped me focus on the message I want to present to the world about who I am and how I can help them. It s a level of self-awareness I ve never had before. To say that this self-awareness is empowering is definitely an understatement.[return][return]If you are into personal development and self-help books, I would definitely recommend taking a look at Be Your Own Brand. It s geared towards employees and the workplace, but as the authors mention, the relationships affected by your personal brand are not just in the workplace but are spread throughout every aspect of your life. Knowledge is power, and knowing as much as you can about who you are, what excites you, what is of vital importance to you, and so forth can only help you improve those relationships.
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You are you own brand

But this is not a brand, this is a logo. The product is you who are you? What are your strengths and superpowers? Know what you are worth. Find out what makes you valuable and what is more important to you than money. Invest time and money in you to fill in the gaps.

Dietrich is also the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, which provides an alternative to traditional integrated marketing communications. Gini Dietrich : A personal brand is creating authority and expertise around the way you think. This concept is really good for subject matter experts, executives, and business owners. If you have a unique perspective in your industry, you can build a personal brand. Dietrich : It used to be you could hire a celebrity spokesperson, train them on your key messages, and send them out to build your brand.

As many Gen-Yers know, the job search isn't the easiest feat to accomplish. We may feel as though we are simply just pawns in an older.
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Tips on Personal Marketing and Strategy

I used to think of brands only in terms of companies and businesses. And social media is one of the fundamental ways we manage these personal brands. - In this day in age, you need to build your own brand.

As the job market continues to take off in , now is the perfect time to build your personal brand. Differentiating yourself in your career and job search matters. Yet, I see LinkedIn profiles that read like generic resumes, or people that post a series of rants on social media without stopping to think about how it might reflect on them. When you look at the best examples of personal brands online, what are the attributes that stand out? For me, some of the top words that come to mind are authenticity, credibility and passion. Ultimately you want to be your authentic self, showing potential employers how your skills are uniquely differentiated from others, while also sharing your passion, along with supporting work examples and accomplishments.

Life is a business, and you are your own CEO. Learn to create a strategic plan for yourself and be the one to implement it. Being able to control your own fate will ultimately lead you to what you want. Here are some things to realize and ways that you can market yourself to others:. This includes your identity, personality, work ethic, goals, aspirations, fears and more.

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