Secret seven adventure enid blyton

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secret seven adventure enid blyton

The Secret Seven Adventure (The Secret Seven, #2) by Enid Blyton

This is the second installment in The Secret Seven series and its called Secret Seven Adventure. The author is no other then Enid Blyton.

The Secret Seven have got nothing to do that is until they are playing American Indians in Little Thicket. While Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbra, Pam and George are after Colin, he is in a tree. When he is in the tree, he sees someone coming down from a tall wall, in Milton Manor. He sees him drop down, Peter sees him but he runs away only to come to the very tree in which Colin is hiding in. Why did he have to pick this tree? The man gets away and the Secret Seven think nothing of it until they hear Lady Lucy Thomass Pearl Necklace has been stolen. Is it the man that Colin and Peter saw while they were playing American Indians. If so it is up to them to find out who it was...

The main characters in this are the Secret Seven. The leader is Peter and I very much liked his character in this book. His sister, Janet is apart of the society and she is okay. She didnt really do as much as the previous novel but I still liked her. Than theres Jack and Colin who I think are the most interesting characters and have the biggest part in been in the group. Then there is George, Barbra and Pam. Although they are classed as main characters they dont as much as I would like to see them do. Then the last main character is Scamper. I have to say I am very disappointed with his involvement. I had such a good and important role in the last book that in this one he didnt have that much input.

Then we have the additional characters in the book. One of the characters is a character that appeared in the first one, her named being Susie. She is Jacks sister and I have to say I really like her character. I think she will be a recurring character throughout the series. Unfortunately Miss Ely didnt reprise her role, which I really wanted to see more of her. Then we have the thief, who is Louis. He is a worker in the circus and I had my eye on him from the very start. His character was interesting enough but thats it. There was other characters like John the Gardner and the circus folk but they werent that important.

The main locations in this book were Little Thicket, in which we saw the thief for the first time and I found the area interesting. A location in Little Thicket was Milton Manor which we saw frequently but we didnt see inside unfortunately. The place which appeared throughout was the circus and I loved the location and I found it very fascinating. Lastly, the main location is the Secret Seven shed in which they have the meetings.

Overall I really loved this addition to the series. I loved the storyline and I thought it was more solid then the original. I read this very fast and I thought it was fast paced all the way through! The characters need more work on them and I would of liked to see Lady Lucy Thomas and inside of Milton Manor!

Enid Blytons writing style is just amazing and unique. I always love reading it. I cant wait to read the third addition to the series!
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The Secret Seven Adventure

Peter can be bossy at times and likes being in charge as he is the leader of the secret seven. Janet likes the idea of being part of a secret club. Barbara likes making funny words up. Jack is forgetful and Colin has to remind him a lot! Pam can get a bit worried at times and George is normally the first to secret seven meetings. They are a secret club that enjoy having an adventure and like helping charity in fun ways. After Jack loses his secret seven badge when the gang go out to make snowmen he decides to go and get it when he's meant to be in bed.

When a priceless pearl necklace goes missing, the Secret Seven are first off the mark to catch the thief! Because they saw him making his escape! Now all they have to do is find the necklace! This is book number 2 in the Secret Seven books by Enid Blyton. These are a series of mystery books for children based around a group of seven friends who are always looking for adventure. In this novel, the Seven are out playing Indians in the woods when Colin sees a man jumping over a very high wall and then hiding in the same tree he is.


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  1. The Secret Seven or Secret Seven Society is a fictional group of child detectives created by The Secret Seven appeared in seven short stories by Blyton, including a mini-novella explaining how the society was formed. The Humbug Adventure () – first published in Enid Blyton's Magazine Annual No.1; Adventure on.

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