Best horror short stories audiobook

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best horror short stories audiobook

Horror Aficionados - The Audio Zone: Your favorite horror audiobooks? Showing 1-50 of 54

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Published 05.10.2019

Short Ghost and Horror Collection 026 (FULL Audiobook)

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After a body is found the hands bound, the skin covered in marks Detective Superintendent Jeanette Kihlberg is determined to find out who is responsible. It by Stephen King, read by Steven Weber. If you love a truly scary story, then It is the book for you and this audio edition is beyond sinister in the way it brings the characters to life, lifting them off the page. Make sure you listen to this one with the lights on. Lydia lives in the perfect house with her adoring husband and beloved son. There is just one thing Lydia yearns for to make her perfect life complete, though the last thing she expects is that pursuing it will lead to murder.

These tales of terror will horrify you. Listening to the best horror audiobooks is a whole world of difference to reading them. We follow Dan now middle aged as he tracks a paranormal tribe who hunt down children with the Shining powers, including a young girl he is destined to protect. The creepiest audio story has to be something along the lines of Lovecraft, so this collection of some of his stories will not disappoint. Along with the ancient Cthulhu who lives deep in the ocean, these tales are filled with dark beings who will enchant and terrify you. The unknowable darkness has never been so scary.

Research conducted by University College London, and backed by the audiobook-seller Audible, has found stories, when told via audiobook, can be even more emotionally affecting than on film. That's right, listening to a horror story may well be even more terrifying than watching a horror film. And with that in mind, what are the best scary audiobooks , for that full-bodied emotional response? But first, more on the science. Working with UCL's neuroscience department and Head of Experimental Psychology Dr Joseph Devlin audible conducted a study set out to find whether a story was found to be more emotionally engaging when listened to on an audiobook, as opposed to watched on a screen. By sharing the story with the participants in audiobook and video form, the researchers measured heart rate, body temperature and galvanic skin response essentially, the skin's stress response to deduce what form the participants found the more emotionally stimulating. And audiobooks were found to be the one.


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9 of the creepiest audiobooks:




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  1. There's nothing like a great scary story to make your heart race a little faster, even when you're perfectly safe at home.

  2. Does anyone know any really good horror anthologies or collections on audible? Short stories tend to be my favorite thing to read and I've just recently gotten.

  3. The jury of readers is still out as to whether or not listening to an audiobook is the same as reading a text, but the small differences between the two can make or break your bookish experience.

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