Whats a climax in a story

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whats a climax in a story

Elfie answers “Whats the climax of the story ?” — My Sister Lives... Q&A

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How to Write an Epic Climax

what is a climax community The purpose of a climax is to transition from the rising action into the falling action. This transition happens in order to lead a story.

What is Climax? Definition, Examples of Climax of a Story

Often, climax is also when the main problem of the story is faced and solved by the main character or protagonist. The basic elements of plot are as follows:. As can be seen from these short story examples, climax is the most exciting point of the plot when the conflict is finally faced. Climax is the high point of a story. Without climax, a story lacks excitement or an overarching meaning.

Thus, a climax is the point at which a conflict or crisis reaches its peak, then calls for a resolution or denouement conclusion. In a five-act play , the climax is close to the conclusion of act 3. Later in the 19th century, five-act plays were replaced by three-act plays, and the climax was placed close to the conclusion or at the end of the play. In the first scene of the act, Romeo challenges Tybalt to a duel after he Tybalt killed Mercutio:. This juncture in the play is a climax, as the audience wonders how Romeo would get out of this terrible situation.

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The climax scene is where you get to shine as an author. Up to this point there has been no scene as intense as the climax scene. I read a book where the most intense scene occurred at the midpoint. A woman trapped in a car was slowly being submerged. The scene was wonderfully written and had me turning the pages. The book could have ended there.

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