What happened to shelby in steel magnolias

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what happened to shelby in steel magnolias

Steel Magnolias Quotes by Robert Harling

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Steel Magnolias (2/8) Movie CLIP - 30 Minutes of Wonderful (1989) HD

Things Even Die-Hard Steel Magnolias Fans Probably Don't Know About the Classic

I had heard the name of the play and film s in a usually positive context, but never heard the plot details of the story. Quickly, my shock changed into confusion and diasspointment and maybe a little anger, too. She has been advised by her doctor not to have children, but wants a child so decides to have one anyway. The strain of pregnancy and childbirth puts her into kidney failure. The film is adopted from a play that the playwright based on the experience his sister faced, who died from a similar series of events. Diabetic women in general, however, are perfectly capable of having a safe pregnancy and DO.

I know she's diabetic and she get's the kidney transplant from her mother. Maybe I'm just oblivious, but they don't tell us what happens. I'm only.
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Quick, name the movie It's the film in which Julia Roberts plays Shelby, a young woman with type 1 diabetes, who's dealing with family stresses alongside complications in the U. There's the famous scene in the beauty parlor, where Shelby has a low blood sugar while getting her hair prettied up before her wedding. Beads of sweat appear on her lip and brow, and she's trembling and being held down as she fights off the cup of orange juice that her mom — played by Sally Field — is trying to force down her throat. And then there's everything else that happens in this movie that's influenced a generation of women — and some of us guys — on the topic of diabetes in a not-so-positive way. Shelby wants to have children, and struggles with a diabetic pregnancy. While it may have been "technically" accurate for some circumstances, many PWDs people with diabetes see the movie's approach as overly dramatic and focusing too much on the worst-case scenario rather than what living with diabetes is actually like in contemporary times.

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