What city is gotham city based off of

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what city is gotham city based off of

Gotham City Sirens, Vol. 3: Strange Fruit by Tony Bedard


Poison Ivys long charmed the men of Gotham City, but now shes the one losing her mind. Captivated with a plant-based alien inside S.T.A.R. Labs, she weds her cause to his and undertakes a Plantifest Destiny that leaves no room for humans--not even her sisters-in-crime. Catwoman and Harley Quinn try to tear their friends heart away from the alien menace, but theyll all find out how slowly the threat of love dies.

An underworld plot to kidnap Catwoman and pluck her beloved Batmans identity from her mind shakes the Sirens. As the sworn enemy of Ivy and Harleys ex the Joker--whom she swears shes over--the Dark Knight will always divide the three, and Catwomans feelings have been barely tolerated to this point. So when Talia Al Ghul and Zatanna rush in to help save Selina, its not exactly clear whos doing the saving and whos doing the hurting.

Collects GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #14-19
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I can only LOOT from GOTHAM CITY in Fortnite...

Dark Knight's kind of town: Gotham City

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I've often heard people compare Gotham and Metropolis to New York City in the nighttime and daytime, respectively. However, I've also always felt Gotham was more like Chicago, and I heard that Metropolis is actually based on Cleveland, given that the large, flat harbor in Metropolis is unique to Cleveland. Paul and Minneapolis -- complete with the subtle classism. So, do cities in the DC Universe correspond to real world cities? However, your question reads more wanting to know the original inspiration for the cities.

Gotham City

After Meredith asked whether Bruce Wayne was going to show up in Smallville , certain commenters wondered just how long a trip that would be., Gotham City is the home of Batman.

And where are all these made up New Yorks anyway? Last time in this slot, I talked about the role of the contemporary American cityscape in the superhero genre, and skipped quickly over the specific role of New York, both as a real place and an influence. As I said in my earlier piece, both DC and Marvel Comics were based in New York although the former has now moved to Burbank, California as a fully operative multi-media node within Warner Bros , and many of the comic book creators and editors are New York natives. So the presence of the city as the world outside the window isn't too surprising. For Marvel in particular, New York has a ridiculous gravity. In the long years of his old aged anecdotage Stan Lee has reiterated that one of the things that made his Marvel heroes, created c, different from the DC heroes created at the dawn of the Second World War is that they were rooted in a real place.

The city was first identified as Batman's place of residence in Batman 4 December and has since been the primary setting for stories featuring the character. Gotham City is traditionally depicted as being located in the state of New Jersey. We didn't call it New York because we wanted anybody in any city to identify with it. Irving took the name from the village of Gotham, Nottinghamshire , England: a place inhabited, according to folklore, by fools. Gotham City, like other cities in the DC Universe, has varied in its portrayals over the decades, but the city's location is traditionally depicted as being in the state of New Jersey. A location on the Jersey Shore is described as "twenty miles north of Gotham". Sal E.

But when he alights, he won't find the gargoyle-infested, bricks-and-mortar city that Washington Irving first coined "Gotham. Heath Ledger isn't the only scene-stealer in "The Dark Knight. Not that a move to the Midwest is such a stretch. Neal Adams, who has illustrated Batman for DC Comics since the s, says he's always thought of Chicago, with its s mobster history and miles of dark alleys, as the basis for Gotham City. One of the things about Chicago is Chicago has alleys which are virtually nonexistent in New York. Back alleys, that's where Batman fights all the bad guys.

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