What is the main difference between socialism and communism

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what is the main difference between socialism and communism

Quote by Kevin D. Williamson: “The difference between communism and socialism ...”

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Breaking down the differences between socialism, communism

What’s the Difference Between Socialism and Communism?

Socialism vs Communism. Socialism is commonly regarded as an economic system that seeks to achieve equality among members of society. Communism, on the other hand, is both an economic system that seeks equality among members of society and a political ideology that advocates a classless and stateless society and rejects religion. It is regarded as a more extreme form of socialism. Socialism and communism both adhere to the principle that the resources of the economy should be collectively owned by the public and controlled by a central organization.

The terms socialism and communism , and the concepts they are labels for, are often confused. The following post attempts to clarify the distinction. In short, socialism is often the goal, while communism is the result. Those who advocate for socialism, as well as those who discuss it neutrally from a scholarly perspective, see it as the first stage toward the ideal result of communism. Both systems of politics and economics are intended to engender a society in which there is public ownership of the means of planning and production. Socialism, however, is seen as the bridge between capitalism and communism.

S ocialism is a social theory.. It theorizes that a collective cooperation of citizens will make all governmental institutions public. For example, no one will receive a healthcare bill when going to the doctor because they, and everyone else, have paid a hefty amount in government taxes. Communism , on the other hand, is a branch of socialism. Russia gave communism a bad name when it reigned as the USSR.


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Communism and socialism are umbrella terms referring to two left-wing schools of economic thought; both oppose capitalism. These ideologies have inspired various social and political movements since the 19th century. Several countries have been or are currently governed by parties calling themselves communist or socialist, though these parties' policies and rhetoric vary widely. As a system of government, communism tends to center on a one-party state that bans most forms of political dissent. Socialism can refer to a vast swath of the political spectrum, in theory and in practice.

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