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bonnie view l ron hubbard

Matthew S. Rotundo (Contributor of L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, 25)

Matt wrote his first story—”The Elephant and the Cheese”—when he was eight years old. It was the first time he had ever filled an entire page with writing. To his young mind, that seemed like a major accomplishment. It occurred to him shortly thereafter that writing stories was what he wanted to do with his life.

Matt gravitated to science fiction, fantasy, and horror at an early age, too. He discovered Ray Bradbury’s “The Fog Horn” in a grade school reader, and read it over and over whenever he got bored in class. (Needless to say, he read it a lot.) Other classics soon followed—Dune and Lord of the Rings and Foundation, the usual suspects. As a boy, he often pretended his bicycle was Shadowfax, and that he was Gandalf, riding like mad for Minas Tirith. Yeah, he was that kind of kid. Half the time, his family and friends didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

Matt’s story “Alan Smithee Lives in Hell” placed second in the 1997 Science Fiction Writers of Earth Contest. In 1998, he attended Odyssey. The workshop led directly to his first sale—”Black Boxes,” in Absolute Magnitude. In 2002, Matt won a Phobos Award for “Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown.” He was a 2008 winner in the Writers of the Future Contest. He has since continued to publish in various magazines.

Matt lives in Nebraska. He has husked corn only once in his life, and has never been detasseling, so he insists he is not a hick.
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Scientology critic Gerry Armstrong discusses L. Ron Hubbard and his days as a Scientology member

Ron Hubbard. Hubbard died in , but there are Scientology bases and buildings around the world where followers are encouraged to buy his works.
Matthew S. Rotundo

Scientology’s Concentration Camp: Where Can Miscavige Put “The Hole” Now?

Log in or Sign up. Anonymous , Feb 21, Ron Hubbard, upon his return he had passed on. Non-Scientology people are not allowed near the building, hence no photographs; however, construction drawings deviated very little from these renderings. Re: Bonnie View Very interesting find. Zhent , Feb 21, Re: Bonnie View.

The secretive church's acre enclosed campus in California serves as its international management centre, known as "Int Base" to seasoned Scientologists. It has also been revealed that the massive site has its own power plant to ensure that it is off the national grid.
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You can check out some of the footage in the YouTube video below:. Ron Hubbard. They say that thetans were spread over the universe in the fallout of an intergalactic war caused by an alien dictator named Xenu. Miscavige joined the church when he was still a teenager, dropped out of high school to pursue his teachings, and took over as leader after Hubbard passed away. Ortega sent screenshots from the videos to Tom DeVocht — a man who worked at the base for several years before leaving the church in

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