My mom is a unicorn

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my mom is a unicorn

I Turned My Mom Into a Unicorn: A funny thankful story by Brenda Li

I Loved this book. We as parents, or I as a parent, has said, Be careful what you wish for!. Here it is. Sometimes kids have a bit to much energy for the wrong thing just as Ted. This mommy shows her frustration in always, as Ted puts it, being mad all the time. Moms can only stretch so far. Towards the end of the book we find out just how, Mommy is mean All the time, she really is.
Ted goes to sleep one night and wishes his mom was a unicorn. He wakes to a rainbow and a dream. Mom IS a unicorn. A beautiful one at that. They do things all day together. What they do is up to you to find out. Reading is fun because you get to know if Ted wants his mom to stay a unicorn forever. Good luck on your journey with Ted and remember to give your mommy or daddy a hug.
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I TURNED MY MOM INTO A UNICORN Super New Book!??????????

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Brenda Li

To All Of The Unicorn Moms

There are so many types of moms in the world. Let me set the scene for you: you are at concert with a few mom friends. It's a rare occasion and Nickelback is in town I'll pause here until you stop laughing. You proceed to tell them that you once dated the drummer. This is the mom who is… well… like your sister. She is so cool and chill and raises her kids like you do, you know on Lunchables, TV, 90's gangster rap, love, acceptance, reassurance, support, kindness, compassion, I could keep going but you get the picture. This mom is on the one you have been waiting for all your life.


It started with a scorpion sting. - Somehow, today was one of those magical unicorn mom days where everything seemed to line up nicely—everyone was in happy moods, there was lots of cooperation, people listened, plans worked, the weather was perfect, etc.

He wished his mom would stop being so mad for once and just turn into a happy unicorn! Magically, his wish came. Magically, his wish came true! He and the unicorn did fun things together and had a blast! But then, it was bedtime and he missed his mom. Watch what happened after - the twist at the end will warm your heart.

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