Bones the art of cremation

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bones the art of cremation

Skulls And Bones // Book Covers (36 books)

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Published 12.08.2019

BONES - THE ART OF CREMATION : Bankrupt Creativity #560 - My Reaction Videos

I would have to say that I am asked this question at least once a month, if not more.
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BONES - The art of cremation (Slippys Song) [BOOSTED]

A puff of dust almost 2, years old rose as archaeologist Jackie Keily gently tipped a wastepaper bin-sized lead container, and a pile of cremated Roman remains slid out towards bones expert Rebecca Redfern. Look how white that bone is — really excellent cremation technique. The two experts at the Museum of London have been searching delicately through thousands of scraps of bone, opening cremation urns excavated in the 19th century but never before studied, revealing new information about death in the Roman capital ahead of an exhibition opening in May. Among the cremated Romans almost no trace of clothing, shrouds, coffins or grave goods survived the flames, so every scrap of evidence is precious. So far, Keily and Redfern have found one fingernail-sized scrap of copper alloy that may be part of a brooch — suggesting the person was cremated wearing their clothes — and one pig tooth, which could be evidence of funeral feasting or food burned with the dead. The whitened bone reveals that although the cylinder of sheet lead was an unglamorous casket — compared with beautiful glass jars, some with glass lids, others closed with a wine cup, which they have also opened — this was a very expensive funeral.

While we can learn a great deal about individuals from their remains and their grave, when we expand our research we can expand our interpretations. Understanding the burial requires an understanding of the burial location, the cultural location, the meaning behind the type of burial and the rituals leading to the burial. This is especially true when analyzing cremated remains, which reveal less information about the individual but more about their funeral. There is a lot that we can discern from cremated remains regarding the funerary rites itself such as the temperature and construction of the pyre, the treatment of the individual prior to cremation, and the grave goods included in the funeral versus those included in the grave. Cremation remains are unique because of the diversity in their physical appearance due to the different methods and treatments they endured during the funeral rites. Bones can vary in their color, their fragmentation, and their from their alteration from original shape and dimensions. In order to understand these variations, bioarchaeologists often turn to modern forensics studies or experimental studies.

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