Far rockaway in the 1950s

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far rockaway in the 1950s

Frank (Far Rockaway, NY)s review of Elegy for April

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Rockaway Beach 1950s

Far Rockaway is a neighborhood on the Rockaway Peninsula in the New York City borough of . in Far Rockaway. The railroad abandoned the Rockaway Beach Branch in because of the shift of many people to driving private cars.
Benjamin Black

In Far Rockaway, Recognition for Bungalows

My grandmother had a bungalow around Beach 35th street and my parents always talked about how Sid Cesar's wife's parents had a bungalow. Once or twice a summer Sid would come down and visit with his wife. Sid would play cards with the guys and he was a genuine nice and regular guy! Also an actor named Ross Martin who played on the TV Show "Gun Smoke" had a mom or grandmom with a bungalow in the 30's [Beach 30s blocks] and was a regular visitor. London Bradenton, Florida August, I'm so glad I picked up the Echo and read about your film. I'm 70 so I remember when New York was Irish as the beautiful song says.

By The Wave on March 30, There have been a number of remembrances of living in Rockaway during the years after World War II, but they have all been penned by full-time residents. It may be real in our imagination, but being ephemeral and elusive in nature, is gone when we awake. Every summer she would spend her time at Playland, the beach and boardwalk and the stores around that Arverne street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Her stories will bring back memories for both residents and invaders alike. It will also provide a snapshot of what it was like to be a kid in Rockaway during the summer when the beach was there both day and night, the boardwalk chock-full of arcades, fast food places and even a few movie theaters. It was a Mecca for kids, teens on dates and adults who were looking for a little minor-league excitement.

The plan was simple. So I altered the plan into a brief walk around Far Rockaway instead. When I was a teenager in the mids, I would gird my loins and brave the Marine Parkway Bridge, which has perilously low railings and prompted a fear of gusting winds, and cross Jamaica Bay on my bicycle. One day the weather was sufficiently crisp and I followed the concrete el all the way to the end, and I had attained Far Rock on my bike. I felt like Captain Cook.

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In the more affluent western Rockaways neighborhoods of Breezy Point and Neponsit, beaches are well-manicured and crowded. In the center of the peninsula, surfers give the beaches a character all its own. But in the eastern section near the neighborhoods most affected by overdevelopment by spec developers the beaches go unused. The boardwalk has crumbled, way-stations are boarded-up, thick brush chokes off access to the water, and the Parks Department long ago ceased to see the area as a priority for city funding. The Rockaways peninsula of southwestern Queens is defined by contradictions.

It is the easternmost section of the Rockaways. The neighborhood extends from Beach 32nd Street east to the Nassau County line. The southern border is adjacent to Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk , which is located on the Atlantic Ocean. The name "Rockaway" may have meant "place of sands" in the Munsee language of the Native American Lenape who occupied this area at the time of European encounter during colonization. Other spellings include Requarkie, Rechouwakie, Rechaweygh, Rechquaakie and Reckowacky, transliterated in Dutch and English by early colonists. On September 11, Hudson sailed into the Upper New York Bay , [3] and the following day began a journey up what is now called the Hudson River in his honor.

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  1. A Wave ReviewBy Howard Schwach Those who lived in Rockaway when it was a small town with a winter population under The Life Of Rockaway's 'Invaders' In the 's . Periodical postage paid at Far Rockaway, NY.

  2. This group of photos was found on ktechrebate.com and are titled "Far Rockaway, NY slum conditions." They depict the areas of Leland St., Dabney Ave.

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