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The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure by Robert M. Collins

About the sources.

Since the initial publications of the book the FBI has done an outstanding job along with prior Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in threatening or silencing those same sources who then try to discredit the work being done here (mentally ill is a favorite term used by government CI) but, that cant silence the Presidents like Reagan or as...

President Obama said recently to Will Smiths son Jaden in May 2012, The aliens, right? … OK, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials but I can tell you if there had been a top secret meeting and if there would have had to have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room.

Neither confirm nor deny? Within Intelligence circles that says the President was, read in.

The Black World, Core of a Cover-up

--What is the Crystal Rectangle (CR, alien energy device that could power an entire city the size of New York).

Very classified according to those leaked DIA TS/Code Word documents...FBI to Kit Green, not at all. It is not our business (sic). An FBI hands-off attitude toward leaked UFO documents...The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) refused to comment or saying theyre hoaxes...

--The Propulsion System: The basic principles are simple in concept, but not in application (a very complex system says LANL) and why the prototypes never worked right: we still fly rockets.

From January 4th, 2004: LANL contact (Charles) to myself quoting:

“Before answering your questions, you are assuming that ET crafts are made with our technology based on your questions. Many years ago, we made that same mistake (comment: prototypes that never worked right) and it took us several years to correct the mistake and start fresh from the drawing board. “Their” technology is nothing similar to ours. We do not utilize our physics or chemistry in a comparison analysis. We started from scratch and learned their principles of dynamics, physics, etc...

--Bob Gates (today, Bob Gates will lie about this) and Henry Kissinger were behind the Reagan Disclosure Program which failed in 1991. Rick Doty, Bill Moore and Jaime Shandera were key players. The real CIA Falcon? Harry August Rositzke publicly disclosed in 2012.

--Area 51/Groom Lake/NTS

Outer Space and the compartmentalization especially around S4. The realm beyond the conventional history of the NTS from people who worked there.

George Knapp...
Sunday, April 04, 2010 4:38 AM

Bob Collins says it is entirely possible that people like TD could work at Area 51 on classified projects and have no knowledge of other compartmentalized secrets. I tend to agree. Some of the Roadrunners told me years ago that they would see the same people in the lunch line 5 days a week for extended periods, but they had no idea what that other guy was working on, nor would they even think about asking. Programs and projects were compartmentalized...and still are. TD Barnes could not tell his own wife what he was working on...

--MJ12 & JFK. According to a 22 July 47 IPU Report JFK was fully aware of Roswell and other crashes in July 1947.

--The Vaults at WP: it was T2 (Intelligence) and T3 (Engineering) in July 1947, not ATIC. Nothing like having a security clearance pulled over the truth as the WP contact will tell us. Just like the Titanic, those vaults are very much there and well hidden.

...a very factual, analytical (technical in places, i.e. ufo propulsion technology) book backed up by numerous footnotes and references.
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