Arabic reading practice for kids

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arabic reading practice for kids

Arabic: The Writing Practice Workbook by New Medina Kids

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Published 13.07.2019

Reading English - Best Phonics practice for Kids

Enter the Fantastic World of Easy Arabic Short Stories for Children

And I am still using some of them. Some are for you and some are for your kids as well. How mostly raising my child in Arabic boosted my own learning. However, the turtle was walking step by step, little by little without stopping. Congratulate or reward your kids when they progress, when they help you to remember words or correct each other. Children have a better memory than us right?!

On one hand, they learn to attach words to things and ideas through their senses of sight, hearing and touch. On the other hand, they learn language through reading and listening to stories, fairy tales and fables —being flown through magical kingdoms, enchanted worlds and far-off lands where goodness reigns. The same process can apply to us grown-ups while learning a new foreign language, especially Arabic. After that, we employ our language skills to fly off on imaginative adventures through films , television shows and books. We imagine ourselves interacting with natives abroad, we close our eyes and practice speaking fluently to nobody. While most adults get that first part of learning down right away—with textbooks, classes, flashcards and hard work—they often skip out on the second part, the one that relies on imagination and stories. If you start reading easy Arabic short stories, you can get yourself farther with the Arabic language faster than ever.

Students will love this website. Look out for the Arabic Tool Kit. The discussion forum is very useful. There is also a quiz for advanced students. The first level of 12 lessons is free, and there are two more levels that may be purchased. Suitable for Advanced Arabic Level. It has plenty of games and covers many different key topics Jess Free resources for Arabic teachers.

Generic websites for teachers of all languages:

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Do you want to teach your kids Arabic? Then 'Arabic Learning For Kids' is a must download if you want to teach them Arabic in a fun and engaging way.

Please log in to save materials. Log in. This page contains links to thirty-six stories children's stories written in Arabic. Many of the stories include morals or other teaching moments. Each page of every story has small illustrations for difficult words at the bottom to help make reading easier for both native and non-native speakers. The stories move from easy to more difficult. The stories are fully voweled.

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