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fafhrd and the gray mouser pdf

Sound Quotes (269 quotes)

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Claws from the Night Part 1 (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser)

In the ancient city of Lankhmar, two men forge a friendship in battle.

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This book is written by author Neil Gaiman. Swords against Wizardry is the fourth book in Fritz Leiber's sword and sorcery series about the rogue-adventurer duo Fafhrd tall, fair-skinned northern barbarian and the Gray Mouser short, swart scion of southern civilization.

Using This Booklet This booklet contains a number of forms, maps, and charts designed to help the DM run a campaign in Lankhmar. To be used to best advantage, the pages should be separated from the binding into individual reference sheets. Permission is granted to photocopy these pages for personal use only. City Block Geomorphs The geomorphs are designed to allow the DM to randomly generate the winding "backstreets" areas of Lankhmar - areas that the PCs are not familiar with unless they adventure there. There are 12 different geomorphs in this booklet.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are two sword-and-sorcery heroes appearing in stories written by American author Fritz Leiber. They are the protagonists of what are probably Leiber's best-known stories. One of his motives in writing them was to have a couple of fantasy heroes closer to true human nature than the likes of Howard's Conan the Barbarian or Burroughs's Tarzan. Fafhrd is a very tall nearly seven feet and strong northern barbarian , skilled at both swordsmanship and singing; the Mouser is a small not much more than five feet mercurial thief, gifted and deadly at swordsmanship often using a sword in one hand and a long dagger or main-gauche in the other , and a former wizard's apprentice who retains some skill at magic. Fafhrd talks like a romantic, but his strong practicality usually wins through, while the cynical-sounding Mouser is prone to showing strains of sentiment at unexpected times. Both are rogues, living in a decadent world where to be so is a requirement of survival.


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