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amazon verified purchase review guidelines

Bright Kids Who Cant Keep Up: Help Your Child Overcome Slow Processing Speed and Succeed in a Fast-Paced World by Ellen B. Braaten

Do you find yourself constantly asking your child to pick up the pace? Does he or she seem to take longer than others to get stuff done--whether completing homework, responding when spoken to, or getting dressed and ready in the morning? Drs. Ellen Braaten and Brian Willoughby have worked with thousands of kids and teens who struggle with an area of cognitive functioning called processing speed, and who are often mislabeled as lazy or unmotivated. Filled with vivid stories and examples, this crucial resource demystifies processing speed and shows how to help kids (ages 5 to 18) catch up in this key area of development. Helpful practical tools can be downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2 x 11 size. Learn how to obtain needed support at school, what to expect from a professional evaluation, and how you can make daily routines more efficient--while promoting your childs social and emotional well-being.
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?? Amazon Verified Product Reviews - 3 Strategies To Double Your Reviews!

Reviews that are not marked "Amazon Verified Purchase" are valuable as well, but we either can't confirm that the product was purchased at Amazon or the.
Ellen B. Braaten

How to Buy Amazon Reviews

For many customers, a big part of the decision is based on ratings and reviews. For sellers, getting a high number of positive reviews is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. But not all reviews are created equal. Amazon wants reviews to be a useful tool for customers weighing their options. Fake reviews left by competitors are misleading rather than helpful. Customers that get a deep discount on a product in exchange for a review may feel pressure to be more positive than they really feel. In addition to adding the label, Amazon puts these reviews at the top of the reviews section.

How Verified Purchases Earn the Badge

Psst: We made a video course to help you boost Amazon sales with Facebook Ads. Download it today, so you never miss a step! Product reviews are an essential part of building a successful business on Amazon. For this reason, a lot of sellers actually try buying product reviews. Buyers are more likely to be skeptical of a product with little or no reviews. And with thousands of similar products available in the marketplace, a little bit of doubt can be enough to make the customer go with a competitor. Psychologists have done studies to show the impact reviews, or lack of reviews, have on the mindset of shoppers.

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