Popular brothers grimm fairy tales

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popular brothers grimm fairy tales

Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version by Philip Pullman

Two hundred years ago, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published the first volume of Children’s and Household Tales. Now, at a veritable fairy-tale moment—witness the popular television shows Grimm and Once Upon a Time and this year’s two movie adaptations of “Snow White”—Philip Pullman, one of the most popular authors of our time, makes us fall in love all over again with the immortal tales of the Brothers Grimm.

From much-loved stories like “Cinderella” and “Rumpelstiltskin,” “Rapunzel” and “Hansel and Gretel” to lesser-known treasures like “Briar-Rose,” “Thousandfurs,” and “The Girl with No Hands,” Pullman retells his fifty favorites, paying homage to the tales that inspired his unique creative vision—and that continue to cast their spell on the Western imagination.
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Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics The Frog Prince

13 Twisted Fairy Tales By The Brothers Grimm

To make their household a cohesive unit, they each have a specific role within the home: the bird collects wood for the fire; the mouse is in charge of collecting water, lighting the fire and setting the table; and the sausage keeps everyone well fed. One day, the bird decides they should change roles since he does all the hard work, and it quickly backfires. And the bird? He falls into the well when collecting water and drowns. Moral of the story: they were great in their original roles and should have been happy with that.

The elderbush H. All perished together except the girl, who had jumped out of the carriage in a fright, and hidden herself behind a tree. And then she closed her eyes and expired. It happened one day that he came to speak with the king, and, to give himself consequence, he told him that he had a daughter who could spin gold out of straw. They had very little to bite or to sup, and once, when there was great dearth in the land, the man could not even gain the daily bread.

The first edition contained 86 stories, and by the seventh edition in , had unique fairy tales. Philipp was a highly regarded district magistrate in Steinau, near Kassel. Jacob and Wilhelm were sent to school for a classical education once they were of age, while their father was working. They were very hard-working pupils throughout their education. However, in , their father died at the age of 44 from pneumonia. This was a tragic time for the Grimms because the family lost all financial support and relied on their aunt, Henriette Zimmer, and grandfather, Johanne Hermann Zimmer. At the age of 11, Jacob was compelled to be head of the household and provide for his family.


We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. The Grimm brothers left an astounding legacy. From well-known stories like Snow White to lesser-known tales, here are our favorite Grimm stories - and some things you may not have known about them. This story was recorded by Dortchen Wild, a storyteller who married Wilhelm Grimm. As it turns out, the theme of leaving children in the woods was quite popular in European folktales. A French story, "Le Petit Poucet" from , starts out almost identically, while Madame d'Aulnoy's "Finette Cendron" mentions three princesses who get lost in the woods and find their way to an ogre's house.

We get it: Hansel and Gretel is scary. Much of that is thanks to Disney, which turned the tales of folks like Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and the Frog Prince into renowned animated stories. But there are hidden treasures hiding in those hundreds of tales yet to be told. These stories have yet to receive a major film adaptation but totally deserve one none of these items are on this awesome list from Charlie Jane Anders, which you should also totally read. Tales of undying love, sibling loyalty, uncompromising and a bit aloof bravery. Plus, of course, a vengeance so delicious it would put both Hansel and Gretel to shame.

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  1. - The best fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm: The old woman in the wood. Cinderella. Rumpelstiltskin. Hansel and Gretel. Little Red Riding Hood.

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