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secret world legends singing stones

The Singing Stone by O.R. Melling

4.5 stars.

This book was a magical find for me. I was in London for 10 days this past month, and I visited a little used book shop in a gorgeous park. It was there I picked this book-- kind of at random-- because I thought it sounded interesting and I needed a new book for the plane home. It wasnt until I was in the airport that I noticed it had been signed by the author. Super cool! And shes active on twitter. Even better!

I wish I had read this book when I was younger, because its something that most definitely would have made my childhood list. Still, I think it came to me at just the right time, when Im needing to believe in creative magic the most. I wont go into spoilery details, but I loved that this book was written in the older style YA that I grew up with. It took my imagination back to that of a child or preteen, when I lived fondly in my own head.

Published in 1986, this book actually predates Outlander, but definitely bears some similarity with the idea of a young woman going back in time in a Celtic land. Though this book is undoubtedly unique and stands on its own, it is like a fun mix of Outlander and the Legend of Zelda with a dash of Tolkien delivered in a YA way. There were so many poetic and beautiful lines of description that lent to the magic. The only reason I dock half a star is because the ending felt a bit rushed, especially in light of some HUGE bombs that were dropped in terms of character and story. I would have liked more time to ruminate and understand those bombs earlier on.

This book does something that a lot of modern books fail to do. It has two strong female leads who do their thing boldly and bravely without making a big stink about it. Most contemporary female-led books tend to be on-the-nose with their feminism. They end up just *telling* us in a loud voice how strong a female character is, rather than *showing* it by letting the character be themselves. They also tend to follow the recent trope of the strong female who can kick butt, yet isnt emotionally as multidimensional. The girls in this story do not have those issues. They are powerful and determined, but also arent afraid to be vulnerable or embrace traditional romance when it stands before them-- very handsomely I might add haha. I especially loved the lead character, Kay, and could really relate to her. She is the type of protagonist I enjoy writing myself.

As a screenwriter and (apprentice level) director I could totally see this as a film or miniseries. I was casting it and location scouting in my head as I read haha. Like most wonderful books I read, I would love to see it come to life on the screen.

All in all, The Singing Stone is a rich, Celtic tale full of ancient history, folklore, and whimsical teen fantasy. ¦
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The Secret World - Singing Stones - Opening Cinematic

This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. Use the Shallow Waters melody to follow the singing stones; Use the Shallow Waters melody to rouse.
O.R. Melling

The Singing Stones (characters)

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