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little man roll of thunder

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Quotes by Mildred D. Taylor

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Published 28.05.2019

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry- Chapter 7: part 1

Notes on Characters from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

The Logan Family Tree. Narrator and protagonist nine-year-old Cassie is a courageous and feisty young girl. She isn't afraid to stand up for herself and others, despite the consequences she knows she will face. She is ignorant regarding the idea of racism, yet she faces it so often throughout the plot. She is the only girl of the Logan children, but isn't afraid to be like her brothers at times. Thirteen-year-old Stacey is the oldest of the Logan children, mature, yet childish at times. He is very protective of his friends and siblings.

From the SparkNotes Blog

Christopher-John is the second-to-youngest Logan, and is seven years old. He's a "short, round boy" who wants to "remain on good terms with everyone" 1. He's sensitive to other people's feelings, but is usually happy. He's not a very well developed character, even though he gets a lot of screen time. He pretty much just tags along with his brothers and sister. At six years old, Little Man is the youngest of the Logan clan.

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