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duel to the death full movie english

Duel by Richard Matheson

Terror stories

Remember that murderous semi chasing Dennis Weaver down a lonely stretch of desert highway?

Duel, Steven Spielbergs acclaimed first film, was adapted by Richard Matheson from his unforgettable story of the same name.

But Duel is only one of the classic suspense tales in this outstanding collection of stories by the Grand Master of Horror, which also contains Mathesons legendary first story, Born of Man and Woman, as well as several stunning shockers that inspired memorable episodes of The Twilight Zone, including Little Girl Lost, Steel, and Third from the Sun.

Like Mathesons previous collection, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, this collection is an indispensable treasure trove of terror from the New York Times bestselling author of I Am Legend and What Dreams May Come.
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Duel to the Death (1983) - UK Promotional Trailer

Duel to the Death

It is the directorial debut of Ching Siu-tung. In 16th century, during the Ming Dynasty era, every ten years the greatest swordsman from Japan faces the greatest swordsman from China in a duel to the death for their nation's honor. Ching Wan, known as "Lord of the Sword", is a peaceful and contemplative martial artist who has trained with Shaolin monks as well as a mischievous hermit. By contrast, Hashimoto is a pitiless yet honorable samurai. One night after drinking with his compatriots Hashimoto is engaged by a masked assassin, after a brief but intense clash Hashimoto wins but realizes he inadvertently killed his sensei ; his master using his death to cement the Samurai's resolve as a final lesson before the duel. Throughout the days leading up to the duel, ninja led by a Japanese official under orders by the Shogun of Japan collude with the Chinese wardens to kidnap famous fighters and sabotage the duel for Hashimoto so that Japan may study and improve upon their martial arts; as well as that the head of a famous Chinese sword school can credit his students as champions of China upon Hashimoto's death. The honorable samurai, however, does not go along with the plan, Hashimoto instead wants a fair duel.

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It is the directorial debut of Siu-Tung Ching. It is often considered to be one of the last in the era of the old Hong Kong Kung-fu films. The plot follows a contest held every ten years where the greatest swordsman from Japan faces the greatest swordsman from China in a duel to the death for their nation's honor. As one of these duels approaches, we follow Chinese champion Ching Wan as he leaves his life of seclusion at a Shaolin monastery and Japanese champion Hashimoto leaving Japan under tragic circumstances and traveling to China. Both head to Holy Sword House, the location where the first such duel was fought, and where the descendants of the Chinese representative who won that duel still live and host the bout every time it is fought.

Duel to the Death is a Hong Kong wuxia film starring Norman Chu and Damian Lau. the duel had fueled, but Hashimoto believes it his duty to complete what he had journeyed out to do, and kills Ching Wan's master to force his hand.
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