How to make asdf movies

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how to make asdf movies

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asdf origins


By Mangle , December 8, in General Media. Featuring the voice of catbug! It feels as though he is just putting them out for the sake of it, however I still find them pretty funny. I've watched the whole asdf series up until now. Every episode had its funny moments and its downsides. After Edd's death Tom's friend and animation helper, also known for the series Eddsworld , there came a period of time when Edd's crewmates couldn't really pull it together after the unfortunate incident.

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The videos typically consist of several short skits featuring various stick figure characters and occasional dialogues. Currently, the series consists of 5 episodes with a number of spin-offs and remixes. Prior to being uploaded to YouTube, asdf began as a webcomic series by TomSka. Most of the clips used in the flash animations are taken from comic strips. Tom drew inspiration from The Lazer Collection other animated flash videos at the time, which he then decided to make his own animated series in a similar style. The first asdfmovie was uploaded to YouTube on August 10,

It features stick figure characters in short, two-minute episodes. The videos themselves are simple animations designed in Macromedia Flash. The concept for asdfmovie began in , when Ridgewell, an aspiring comics artist frustrated by his self-admitted lack of artistic talent, used MSN Messenger to create his own emoticons. Ridgewell had the idea to use his customized emoticons as the heads for characters, which he featured in his webcomic asdf , first posted on the website Sheezyart. After a few years of asdf comics without any major success, Ridgewell was inspired by other popular web cartoons designed in Macromedia Flash, such as the Lazer Collection, and adapted asdf comics into a cartoon. A year-old fan named James Cunningham offered to animate asdf comics for free, and Ridgewell, only 18 himself, took the offer.

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