Why does king uthers death spark a crisis

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why does king uthers death spark a crisis

Avalon: The Return of King Arthur by Stephen R. Lawhead

It has been foretold:
In the hour of Britain’s greatest need, King Arthur will return to rescue his people.

In Portugal, the reprobate King Edward the Ninth has died by his own hand.

In England, the British monarchy teeters on the edge of total destruction.

And in the Scottish Highlands, a mystical emissary named Mr. Embries—better known as “Merlin”—informs a young captain that he is next in line to the throne. For James Arthur Stuart is not the commoner he has always believed himself to be—he is Arthur, the legendary King of Summer, reborn. But the road to England’s salvation is dangerous, with powerful enemies waiting in ambush. For Arthur is not the only one who has returned from the mists of legend. And Merlin’s magic is not the only sorcery that has survived the centuries.


“A rousing postscript to Lawhead’s bardic Pendragon Cycle . . . Playing off snappy contemporary derring-do against the powerful shining glimpses of the historical Arthur he created, Lawhead pulls off a genuinely moving parable of good and evil.”—Publishers Weekly
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Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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He was seen as an immutable ruler, with his laws upholding duty and tradition while defying the use of magic. All magic users and people suspected of using magic were killed under Uther's command. It was his hatred of magic and severe punishment of those who used it that ultimately caused Morgana to turn against him. Her subsequent betrayal proved to be an emotional blow that Uther never overcame, leaving him a broken man in the final stretch of his reign. He later died at her hand after having been mortally wounded by an assassin , with Merlin 's healing spell backfired by Morgana's enchantment. After his death, he became the father-in-law of Arthur 's wife, Guinevere. Uther retained his prejudices after death and disliked many of the reforms and decisions Arthur made during his reign, including his marriage.

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