Where is gram parsons buried

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where is gram parsons buried

Twenty Thousand Roads: The Ballad of Gram Parsons and His Cosmic American Music by David N. Meyer

Gram Parsons lived fast, died young, and left a beautiful corpse–a corpse his friends stole, took to Joshua Tree National Monument, and set afire in its coffin. The theft and burning of his body marked the end of Gram Parsons’ life and the beginning of the Gram Parsons legend.

As a singer and songwriter, Gram Parsons stood at the nexus of countless musical crossroads, and he sold his soul to the devil at every one. Parson hung out with glamorous women and the coolest friends. His intimates and collaborators on his journey included Keith Richards, William Burroughs, Marianne Faithfull, Peter Fonda, Roger McGuinn, Clarence White, and Emmylou Harris. Parsons had everything–looks, charisma, money, style, the best drugs, the most heartbreaking voice–and threw it all away with both hands. His ballad is one of gigantic talent colliding with epic self-destruction.

Parsons led the Byrds to create the seminal country rock masterpiece Sweetheart of the Rodeo. He formed the Flying Burrito Brothers, helped to guide the Rolling Stones beyond the blues in their appreciation of American roots music, and found his musical soul mate in Emmylou Harris. Parsons’ solo albums, GP and Grievous Angel, are now recognized as visionary masterpieces of the transcendental jambalaya of rock, soul, country, gospel, and blues Parsons named “Cosmic American Music.” Four months before Grievous Angel was released, Parsons died of a drug and alcohol overdose at age twenty-six.

In this beautifully written, raucous, meticulously researched biography, David N. Meyer gives Parsons’ mythic life its due. From Parsons’ privileged Southern Gothic upbringing to his early career in Greenwich Village’s folk music scene to his Sunset Strip glory days, Twenty Thousand Roads paints an unprecedented portrait of the man who linked country to rock. Parsons’ creative genius gave birth to a new sound that was rooted in the past but heralded the future.

From interviews with hundreds of the famous and obscure who knew and worked closely with Parsons–many who have never spoken publicly about him before–Meyer conjures a dazzling panorama of the artist and his era. Shedding new light and dispelling old myths, Twenty Thousand Roads is a breakthrough in rock-and-roll biography and more–a chronicle of creativity, drugs, excess, culture, and music in the ferment of late-1960s America.

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Hickory Wind by Gasoline Lollipops on the DEATH Tour @ Gram Parsons Gravesite

Death of Gram Parsons

His love of music grew from the guitar lessons that he started at the age of nine. He was a big fan of Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis. At the age of ten he was sent to military prep school in Jacksonville, Florida. While there his father took his own life and Parsons was soon kicked out of the school due to his reaction to the tragedy. In he formed his first band, The Pacers. His next band, The Legends, consisted of fellow future hit makers Jim Stafford and the members of the band Lobo. Never one to limit his musical opportunities he ventured out with other projects playing keyboards and performing a solo acoustic guitar act.

Soft-voiced troubadour Gram Parsons , born and raised in central Florida and Georgia, impacted music tremendously in the mid-'60s when he helped introduce the sounds of country music, not to mention the look of Nudie suits, to groups such as The Byrds of which he was a member and the Rolling Stones. With his own Flying Burrito Brothers and International Submarine Band, as well as on his iconic duets with Emmylou Harris, he sang hip, rollicking rock 'n' roll tempered tenderly with country, gospel and even swamp pop. Parsons died young, at age 26, in Joshua Tree, Calif. His life got a peculiar epilogue as documented in the film " Grand Theft Parsons " when two friends of his absconded with his corpse, which was waiting at the Los Angeles airport to be shipped to Louisiana for burial, and attempted to immolate it in the Southern California desert. They were caught, and the body recovered; Parsons is now buried in the Garden of Memories cemetery off Airline Drive in Metairie.

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The pile of stone is known as Cap Rock because of the flat, ten-foot, oblong boulder that rests at a slightly cocky angle at the peak of the formation. The debris is the remains of a coffin that contained the body of Gram Parsons , who died September 19th while vacationing at a Joshua Tree motel. The singer-songwriter-guitarist, a former member of the Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers, was 26 years old. Parsons died in an interim period between the completion of his second solo album working title: Return of the Grievous Angel and the start of a short European tour. Even more startling was the series of events culminating in his cremation in the desert on the morning of September 21st. Two days after the cremation, and before the arrests, an anonymous source, in a telephone conversation arranged through a known associate of Parsons, told Rolling Stone :.

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  1. While there his father took his own life and Parsons was soon kicked out of the school. Burial. Garden Of Memories. Metairie, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, USA .

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