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my story my life book

This is My Story by Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Franklin writes a story about her early life up through post-WWI and when her husband first fell ill with Polio. Its an interesting account of her upbringing, her education, her early married life, and her becoming an independent socially educated woman. I felt sorry for her while reading about her childhood, which Eleanor describes as being ignored by her mother and extended family members because she wasnt pretty or intelligent. In addition, she was looked at as clumsy, awkward and unable to accomplish much. Situations where her mother was very critical and punitive towards Eleanor were often pointed out being due to her ugliness, as well as her shaming the family by Eleanors somewhat rambunctious behavior, which all led to her developing severe shyness and a poor self esteem. What a sad and lonely life she must have led! It is not until she marries and well into that relationship and following the post WWI era , that Eleanor begins to grow to realize her own intelligence, independence and self worth. Im now compelled to read the more modern version of her autobiography, which covers the later part of her life and more of her humanitarian work.
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My Story My Life. The Life and Times of...

My Story My Life – E Book

In the end, it's the family stories that are worth the storage. We believe every life deserves to be remembered, celebrated and preserved. Everyone has a story. Our mission is to help seniors and others everywhere write and publish their life stories and share them with their family and friends so they will never be forgotten. We make it easy.

Can you help me? If we hear it often enough, we start to take it seriously. And five baskets does not a Kobe Bryant make. Do not pursue publishing. Read my posts about writing memoir.

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The Story of My Life , first published in , is Helen Keller 's autobiography detailing her early life, especially her experiences with Anne Sullivan. The book is dedicated to inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Helen was a remarkable child who learned patience and overcame extreme adversity due to the loving and unrelenting dedication of her Teacher Miss Ann. Helen was a remarkable child who learned patience and overcame extreme adversity due to the loving and unrelenting dedication of her Teacher Miss Anne Sullivan. Not enough can be said about this wonderful woman! Although Helen was a privileged child, that did not stop her from raising funds and developing programs for the blind and handicapped throughout her lifetime. Highly recommend this amazing non-fiction read that includes many of Helen's oh so sweet letters and her legion of famous friends such as Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, Dr. Oliver Windell Holmes and many more.

Ask yourself this:. If you are anything like me and you had a dollar every time those words crossed your lips, you would most likely be a millionaire by now. However, sadly and as much as I wish it was possible to do so we cannot go back in time and ask our loved ones the questions we now, most desperately, would like to have the answers to. A PDF copy for printing purposes only. Learn More. This page is having a slideshow that uses Javascript. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off.

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