Life of pi chapter 30 summary

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life of pi chapter 30 summary

Life of Pi Quotes by Yann Martel

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Life of Pi

The author is back at Pi's home. This time he meets Pi's wife. He didn't know Pi was married since he'd never mentioned his wife. They all chat briefly in the entryway of the home. Meena is her name, she's dressed in a white lab coat and she is a pharmacist on her way to work.

One day, Pi tells us, he and his parents were out enjoying the weather at a seaside esplanade when the priest, imam, and pandit with whom Pi had been practicing his various religions approached them. Each was shocked to discover that Pi was not just a Hindu, Christian, or Muslim, but rather all three simultaneously. The religious figures protested that such a thing was not possible and demanded that Pi choose a single religion. Pi responded that he just wanted to love God. Pi says his brother, Ravi, teased him mercilessly for some time afterward.

Toggle navigation. In Chapter 28 Pi is baptized, as he wished. Also, he got his praying rug and immediately fell in love with it. He enjoyed praying outside, while his family stood and watched until they got used to the scene. Chapter 29 brings a major change in his life.

Part 1 Chapter 30 Analysis

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