My dreams come true in real life

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my dreams come true in real life

Dreams Come True Quotes (191 quotes)

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Published 19.04.2019

Do It 1 Minute Before Bed, And Your Dreams Will Come True

Seeing Dream Premonitions Come True in Real Life

I have been an online writer for over nine years. My articles often focus on dreams and dream interpretation. Dreams can and do come true. But, it is a bit more complex than you may think. For many who have not yet experienced dreams coming true this phenomenon can be confusing.

After revisiting these journals after a time, I was surprised by just how many scenes from daily life I was seeing in dreams ahead of time somehow. The discovery felt really exciting, like I was tapping into something big about life that I had no idea about until I started recording those dreams in a journal. This meant I knew how to behave and what kinds of things would be helpful to resolve situations, or in other cases I knew there was nothing to be done instead. I learned to turn to my dreams for guidance. I also noticed that strangely enough a lot of the premonitions I was seeing were of big events about to affect large numbers of people — large numbers of people I had no immediate connection with in life, that is. For instance, the tsunami in Japan, which I had weeks of journal entries for. Another example is the Alberta forest fires, which I dreamed about while the disaster actually struck in a place I had no physical connection to in real life.

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Sign up Forgot your password? I am not one of those people who never have dreams, or never remember them. Every time I fall asleep I have a dream and can replay it in my mind over and over again. A lot of the time these dreams come true. One time I dreamed my friend was making a sandwich in the morning. This dream was so vivid that I contacted her straight away.

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