Top 10 still life photographers

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top 10 still life photographers

Still Life Photography by Kevin Best

For centuries artists have used the still life to hone their creative and technical skills.
The still life offers photographers an opportunity to expand their creative horizons and take their technical skill to a highly advanced level, with a subject that will sit quietly for hours without complaining.
Author Kevin Best is represented in galleries throughout Europe and the United States.
American Photo chose him as one of their 12 Flickr Superstars, in this book he describes the fascinating history of the still life, explains how the careful arranging of objects can weave complex stories into a composition and gives step by step instructions on how to create fine art images.
This interactive eBook features stunning photographs from classical to abstract including illustrations of all types of lighting from natural to using an iPad as a light source.
There is also a special chapter on the challenging genre of food photography.
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7 how-to tips for shooting still life photography

Still life photography is a vibrant and often lucrative niche. And it can make you money through stock photography or sales of art prints through a variety of websites.
Kevin Best

The 10 best contemporary still lifes

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This week, counting down on our TOP 5 i am going to be listing my favourite product still life photographers, these are purely based on their portfolio and on their popularity. His love of luxury and desire to create visually stunning images inspired him to become a still-life product photographer; NORI seeks to find beauty in all of the objects he shoots. With his sophisticated eye and minimalistic approach, he has exploded onto the world stage and has earned bookings from the best names in fashion, cosmetics and electronics. Using clean, clear and crisp techniques, NORI has created numerous campaigns since and he has since become a trusted name in the field. Unlike many of his photographic peers, he had a rather low-tech schooling, studying fine art and art history at Wesleyan University. Fast forward 10 years later. He now live in New York permanently and creates images for a living.

The still life is one of the oldest photographic genres in existence. It was a natural choice for early photographers in the 19th century, who took many of their cues from painting and who were often limited to stationary objects by long exposure times. From there, move towards Martin Parr , who, in the s, photographed objects with a bold and dizzying flash. These works of art are as distant from one another as night and day, and yet they all belong in the same genre. Have you downloaded the Shutterstock Contributor Success Guide yet? Click here to download, available in 21 languages.

Perfecting the art of composition and lighting to create a beautiful still life image is certainly no easy task. But get it right and still life photography can be an extremely powerful art form, and can be utilised in projects from calendar design to poster design. Here are 30 talented artists who have perfected the difficult skill of making, as well as taking, their photos
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We've carefully selected 30 great examples of still life photography to delight and inspire you.

Ever since the inception of photography itself, still life photography has been in vogue. And with the advancement of modern-day cameras, you can now have greater control over lighting, mood and composition of your photographs, thereby creating amazing still-life photography masterpieces.




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