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how to leave a group facebook

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Published 05.04.2019

Learn How To Leave A Facebook Group Remove Yourself

How to Delete or Leave a Facebook Group

Facebook's new "Groups" feature is slowly making its way out to users, allowing people to set up group chats, document editing, and events for different aspects of their social lives. However, like most new features at Facebook, not everyone knows how to use or avoid Groups just yet. So here's a walkthrough on how to use Facebook Groups to your advantage When a Group gets added to your account, Facebook will draw your attention to it with a pop-up over the top of the site. Your groups are listed in the left-hand column, underneath the selectors for new messages and events. When you create a new group, the site prompts you to give it a name and start typing the names of people you want to add. You also have choices on whether you want the group to be open, closed, or secret—open means that all content and members are public, closed means that the members are public but content is private, and secret means that both members and content are private.

When someone adds you to a group, a notification is sent to your Facebook Home page. When you click, it will tell you what the group is and who added you; then you can go check out the group and make sure you want to be a part of it. Some pieces of the group will look familiar — for example, the Share box and the recent posts from group members in the center of the page. Other parts are unique to groups, such as the photos at the top of the page and the tabs for different sections of the groups. You can get to any particular group from your Home page by clicking its name in the left sidebar. Groups you look at frequently should be in the top section; you may have to click the See More link to see a full list of your groups.

Facebook For Dummies, 5th Edition

Thousands of Facebook groups are created every day. Some of them cater to writers, some to athletes, some to cooking fanatics, and more. Just go to the group that you want to leave and look at the options just beneath the banner picture. Other members will not be notified, nor the administrators. Perhaps most interestingly, your presence in the group will be erased, so to speak. For example. Now, even if you saw a post before you left the group, that information will no longer be available.

I am so annoyed! People keep adding me to Facebook Groups without asking me first! How can I quit the group? Do I have to ask to leave a group? Facebook will ask you to confirm your decision. If you want to stay in the Group without getting email notices from them, click on Notifications to the left of the Settings icon , Settings and un-check the email option. Personally, I have mixed feelings about being added to Facebook Groups.

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