How much gold is on the moon

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how much gold is on the moon

Oath of Gold (The Deed of Paksenarrion, #3) by Elizabeth Moon

Paksenarrion-—Paks for short-—was somebody special. Never could she have followed her fathers orders and married the pig farmer down the road. Better a soldiers life than a pigfarmers wife, and so though she knew that she could never go home again, Paks ran away to be a soldier. And so began an adventure destined to transform a simple Sheepfarmers Daughter into a hero fit to be chosen by the gods.
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Moon Mining, how much is the moon worth, how will we mine its resources, Helium 3 & water.

Gold and platinum offer clues about the moon's mysterious tilt

At this very moment, a handful of billionaire-backed companies are planning to mine outer space for ungodly reserves of precious metals and other untapped treasures. On the moon alone, quadrillions of dollars of interplanetary paydirt are at stake. Things are already in motion. The rockets are built and the FAA has already given certain companies the all-go for launch. The cosmic golden nuggets are ripe for the picking and fortune, as the saying goes, favors the bold.

Jim Bridenstine. All support commercial space ventures and manned exploration — including lunar missions. Up until now, only government-funded missions from the United States, China and Russia have landed on the moon. Last year the U. The company's challenge now is to meet the XPRIZE requirement: Make a soft landing on the moon, travel meters across its surface, and transmit high-definition video and images back to Earth.

We may now know why the moon has so much less bling than Earth. Gold, platinum and other metals known as highly siderophile "iron-loving" elements are far more abundant in Earth's crust than in that of its natural satellite. That may seem odd, given the two worlds' shared and violent history. About 4. Some of this liberated stuff was incorporated into the bruised and battered Earth, and some coalesced to form the moon.

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November 26, A total solar eclipse occurs somewhere on Earth about once every year and a half, on average. But imagine if it happened every single month. For this to be the case, the moon would have to orbit Earth in the same plane in which Earth travels around the sun - that way, the new moon would always come directly between us and the sun. Instead, the moon circles Earth in a slightly different plane that's tilted by 5 degrees relative to the plane of the solar system. It used to be even worse - about 4. Experts believe the moon was born after a Mars-sized object slammed into the young Earth and knocked loose a bunch of debris that coalesced into the satellite we know today.


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  1. We may now know why the moon has so much less bling than Earth. Gold, platinum and other metals known as highly siderophile.

  2. That means that the Moon is made of very similar “stuff” to Earth. My expectation would therefore be that the average amount of gold per tonne.

  3. There is water on the moon … along with a long list of other compounds, including, mercury, gold and silver.

  4. One of its goals is to locate deposits of helium-3 that are worth trillions of dollars, because it could be a fuel for nuclear fusion energy to generate electricity or propel a rocket.

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