How to blow a kazoo

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how to blow a kazoo

The Complete How to Kazoo [With Kazoo] by Barbara Stewart

Irreverent, but practical too, here is everything (and we mean everything) there is to know about the art of the kazoo. Learn about the kazoos American origins and its sacred prehistory: Did you know its African forerunner was used to communicate messages from the spirit world? How to play--beginning with the all-important Hum, dont blow. Plus forming a kazoo band, sound effects, office tricks, home and garden projects, and X-treme kazoo.
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Do you love music?
Barbara Stewart

How to Play the Kazoo

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The kazoo is a musical instrument that adds a "buzzing" timbral quality to a player's voice when the player vocalizes or hums into it. It is a type of mirliton , which is a membranophone , one of a class of instruments which modifies its player's voice by way of a vibrating membrane of goldbeater's skin or material with similar characteristics. Similar hide-covered vibrating and voice-changing instruments have been used in Africa for hundreds of years, often for ceremonial purposes. A kazoo player hums, rather than blows , into the instrument. Players can produce different sounds by singing specific syllables such as doo , who , rrrrr or brrrr into the kazoo.

Well…I am a nut. If any of you have been following my career you know that I am the Kazoo Clown Queen! I use my kazoo to announce the winners of the Mooseburger Clown Camp scholarships over the phone. I always keep one on my desk, in my car, and probably even in my purse. I have taught thousands of clowns how to make funny kazoo horns and strut their stuff down the street.

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Updated: May 28, References. The kazoo is a fun and whimsical instrument. To play the kazoo, hold the instrument horizontally with one hand and put your lips around the wider, flattened end. You should also experiment with different pitches and sounds to figure out what works for you. Next, practice humming songs you like without the kazoo to train your ear to recognize and match the proper pitch.

How to Tune Your Kazoo. Some kazoos are made in a way that the further in the lid is the more tension is placed on the membrane, that is the tighter the membrane is stretched in the ring it is glued to. You can contact me at: kazoologist kazoologist. How to Tune Your Kazoo Tune a kazoo? If you hum, you get a sound; All kazoos will not sound the same, in fact there are many variations even in the same model by the same maker.

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  1. To make sounds with your kazoo, you'll need to hum, rather than blow because humming creates vibration. You should place your mouth on.

  2. Kazoos are considered wind instruments. However, they're not really played by blowing into them. Simply blowing into a kazoo will make no sound. Instead.

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