Our countrys good dabby bryant

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our countrys good dabby bryant

Our Countrys Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker

This became an amazing stage production, which I ended up designing for, so it does hold a certain place in my heart, so I finally decided to read the book on which it was based.
Doomed from the start. I love things like this. Its a real slice of what makes Australia so freekin wild and fearless. In a penal colony a play is being rehearsed. Directed by the constabulary, staring inmates, the star, slated to be hung, what could possibly go right?
No one really wants to be there, everyone wants to escape this island theyve been shipped to, and subsequently forgotten. So why not Put on a play? Its the absurdity of it all that makes it so crazy, wonderful, and sad. The characters range from distasteful and brutish to pathetic and repulsive, and some are even loveable, in a weird way.
But it takes a certain type of reader to appreciate this type of story. Not everyone will get it.
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Liz Morden Monologue- Our Country's Good (Lauren Brooks YEAR 12 2016 WELLING SIXTH FORM)

Play and Character Synopsis here!
Timberlake Wertenbaker

Our Country’s Good (Archive)

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. In the play, he is the Governor in Chief of New South Wales and has come out of retirement to do this job. He aims to make the prisoners believe that they are not slaves and have a hope for the future. Throughout the play he encourages Ralph Clark to continue with the play and is seen as a fair and wise person. Major Robbie Ross fought and lost in the war against America which he believes is the reason why he was sent with the First Fleet to Australia. Throughout the play he is a bitter and negative person. Ultimately he is always overruled by Captain Arthur Phillips.

Set in , it tells the true story of a group of convicts transported to Australia who, faced with the appalling realities of life in a penal colony, come together to rehearse and perform a play. Premium Tickets guarantee you a seat in the best rows in the house. Note they are unreserved within the premium block. All tickets bought on the door must be paid for in cash - we cannot take card payments on the door. Book Now no booking fee.

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The story concerns a group of Royal Marines and convicts in a penal colony in New South Wales , in the s, who put on a production of The Recruiting Officer. It ran on Broadway in In the s, convicts and Royal Marines were sent to Australia as part of the first penal colony there. The play shows the class system in the convict camp and discusses themes such as sexuality, punishment, the Georgian judicial system, and the idea that it is possible for "theatre to be a humanising force". As part of their research, Stafford-Clark and Wertenbaker went to see a play performed by convicts at Wormwood Scrubs , which proved inspiring: "in prison conditions, theatre can be hugely heartening and influential and indeed in prison your options are so limited you can become a born-again Christian, a gym-queen constantly working out, a bird watcher or you become passionate about theatre.

Tickets still available for this funny, compelling and moving show. Quite a complex script is made to be clear, understandable and enjoying. Meet Dabby Bryant, played by Anna Rolfe. Tickets are on sale now! Once just props for a play within a play and now with personalities of their very own.

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