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tales of mystery edgar allan poe

Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe

Its unfair to just burying Poe in the Horror tomb, with a Raven & a Black Cat..

Reading this volume I really see how HUGE his imagination was, how it was ahead of his times.

From traveling over the ocean by a air transportation... or to the moon..

Or inventing the first Detective story ever..

Or his delving into the matter, death, soul, mind and even God and free well by hypothesis.

Or of course, the delving into the mans Conscience, guilt and self-destruction..

Theres even kind of Romance, Fantasy, adventure, treasure hunt, code breaking, satire...

He inspired Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Arthur Conan Doyle with crime novels,

And inspired Jules Verne ,then H G Wells and even recently Andy Weir with his science fiction stories,

And so more... just by his wild imagination..

So the five stars here are for his originality and innovations in stories..
Which is not just little Horror Stories..

Personal Note:

In order to enjoy his stories, I read first the Arabic -complete, unbridged- translation of it... then reviewing and fast readin it in its original forum, since Poe use a bit hard language for me and hes got a way in digression sometimes and complex sentences.

So I skipped few stories here till I have the translation of it-and even enjoyed some stories that arent in this edition-, so Ill be back to this book again soon.

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The Alan Parsons Project - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination Edgar Allan Poe 1976 (Full Album) 1 of 3

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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

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He is fond of enigmas, of conundrums, hieroglyphics; exhibiting in his solutions of each a degree of acumen which appears to the ordinary apprehension praeternatural. Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston and orphaned at an early age. Taken in by a couple from Richmond, Virginia, he spent a semester at the University of Virginia but could not afford to stay longer. After joining the Army and matriculating as a cadet, he started his literary career with the anonymous publication of Tamerlane and Other Poems, before working as a literary critic. His life was dotted with scandals, such as purposefully getting himself court-martialled to ensure dismissal from the Army, being discharged from his job at the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond after being found drunk by his boss, and secretly marrying his thirteen-year-old cousin Virginia listed twenty-one on the marriage certificate. His work took him to both New York City and Baltimore, where he died at the age of forty, two years after Virginia. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more.

The lyrical and musical themes of the album, which are retellings of horror stories and poetry by Edgar Allan Poe , attracted a cult audience. The title of the album is taken from the title of a collection of Poe's macabre stories of the same name. According to the album's liner notes, "The Raven" was the first rock song to feature a digital vocoder. The prelude section of "The Fall of the House of Usher", although uncredited, is taken verbatim from the opera fragment " La chute de la maison Usher " by Claude Debussy which was composed between and The album's cover art was made by Hipgnosis. Storm Thorgerson said that Eric Woolfson and Parsons wanted a "classy" design, including a book of lyrics, lengthy credits and a chronology of Poe's life. He described the recurring image of the "taped" man: [3].

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A sweet little cat drives a man to insanity and murder The grim death known as the plague roams a masquerade ball dressed in red, Tales of Mystery and Imagination is an extremely mesmerizing aural journey through some of Edgar Allan Poe 's most renowned works.

A new iteration with eight colour plates was published in Calla Editions recently reprinted this second edition and gave it a sane price tag. Want them on your wall? But there was no voice throughout the vast, illimitable desert Silence. The boat appeared to be hanging, as if by magic, … upon the interior surface of a funnel A Descent into the Maelstrom.

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