Beyblade metal fusion all characters

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beyblade metal fusion all characters

Beyblade Metal Fusion RP - Characters: Create a Blader Showing 1-48 of 48

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Of all the Beyblade: Metal Fusion characters, who is your favorite? From Reiki Soudou to Ryuuga, let's find out who the best Beyblade: Metal Fusion characters are, with the help of your votes. Obviously a lot of the popular characters in Beyblade: Metal Fusion are going to be considered the best - how can you not love the protagonist Masamune Kadoya? This list is a good way to learn all the Beyblade: Metal Fusion character names, especially if you're a beginner to the series. To make it easier for you, there are pictures of every Beyblade: Metal Fusion character on the list, so you can easily recognize each one. This is also a list of all Beyblade: Metal Fusion voice actors and actresses , as the people who voice the characters are included when available. Ryuuga Kenjirou Tsuda.

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The series is a spin-off of the original Beyblade manga series written by Takao Aoki. Nelvana , which licensed and produced English adaptations of the original anime series, also localized the four seasons of Metal Saga. The series follows the adventures of Gingka Hagane, a beyblader who is searching for his hidden past while trying to defeat the evil Dark Nebula organization and Ryuga, a man with the Legendary Bey known as Lightning L-Drago. The plot varies between the manga and anime with several differences. One notable difference is that in the manga, the Beys transform for their upgrades, while in the anime, the characters just switch parts or get an entirely new Bey. Another difference is that, in the manga, the characters started with the Metal System 4-piece top , while in the anime they started with the Hybrid Wheel System 5-piece top. The series stars Gingka Hagane, a talented blader traveling all around Japan to get stronger so he can defeat the Dark Nebula, an evil organization who is also responsible for the supposed death of Gingka's father, Ryo Hagane.

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  1. The below is a list of all the Characters that appear in the Metal Fight Beyblade universe. Contents[show] Anime/Manga Main Characters Rival Bladers Dark.

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