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batman animated series black mask

The Batman Adventures: Shadows and Masks by Dan Slott

Great little digest edition that combines issues 5-9 of Batman Adventures based on the TV Cartoon. Great cast of characters, edgy and dark but not overly, leaving room for fun and humour. Harvey Bullock is a good guy here, just like in the New 52, and I like him that way. The main story line for most of this book is False Face Society an underground crime family run by Black Mask and Batman is infiltrating it with his Matches Malone persona. I dont know if he does this identity anywhere else but I love him as Matches. Some great scenes, one where he and Alfred take a look back at all his past loves and the criminals they turned out to be. This is an all ages comic, perfect for kids but the story is plenty entertaining enough for adults also. I hate these little digests though as they are just too hard to read. Vol. 1 and 2 combined give us up to issue #9, but all 17 issues can still be purchased individually online, which would be my preferred choice to buying the complete series.
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Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Vs. Black Mask Boss Battle Fight (Battle Scene)

Black Mask

One of the first crime lords to seize complete control of Gotham City , Roman Sionis was born into a wealthy family but was nonetheless raised by abusive, selfish, and neglectful parents. Finally reaching his breaking point, Roman set fire to his family mansion, completely burning it to the ground and murdering his parents at the same time. Left with their massive fortune, Sionis embezzled his inheritance money and started numerous lucrative business ventures, which he eventually used as a front for illegal operations. However, over the years, Black Mask's power and control were diminished a great deal as other villains of the criminal underworld took over pieces of his fallen empire for their own designs, which started with The Joker , the villain who destroyed his empire to begin with and took over his operations and henchmen. During one of Black Mask's earlier plans to regain his power, which were eventually foiled by Batman , a massive explosion and fire resulted in his mask violently being grafted onto his face permanently. Still intent to regain his lost power over the entire city, Black Mask, from within Arkham City , a massive prison that was built right in the heart of Gotham, took advantage of the gang wars to build up his own forces and made plans to escape from the prison in order to resume his criminal activities in Gotham and beyond. In the end, his schemes were once again spoiled, this time due to the timely interference of Tim Drake , the third Robin.

Andrea Beaumont , also known as the Phantasm , is a fictional supervillain and antiheroine in the DC animated universe created by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini. Dana Delany provided the voice work for Andrea and Stacy Keach provided the electronically modified voice of her "Phantasm" alter ego. Andrea Beaumont has made occasional cameo appearances in various Batman titles in her Phantasm guise, often as a freelance spy, thief, and assassin. Andrea is based loosely on a combination of Judson Caspian the Reaper and his daughter Rachel, characters from the Batman: Year Two comic book mini-series. Burnett wanted the villain to be reminiscent of the Ghost of Christmas Future , a similarity that the Joker mentions in the film. Described by Timm as resembling a "tall, gaunt Death character", [2] the Phantasm's costume is hooded and features a metal, skull-like mask.

This page is for the original Black Mask, Roman Sionis. For the second character to use the name Black Mask, see: Jeremiah Arkham. Born to a wealthy Gotham City family, Roman Sionis grew up with parents that cared far more about their own social standing than about the well-being of their child. When an infant Roman was dropped on his head mere moments after birth, for instance, his mother refused to sue the doctor, unwilling to slander the Sionis name in a "common lawsuit". Thereafter, people - including Roman's parents - would note that Roman's eyes contained a "strange dullness".

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Black Mask is one of the most enduring enemies of the superhero Batman and belongs to the collective of adversaries that make up his rogues gallery. The character has been substantially adapted from the comics into various forms of media, including the cartoon television series The Batman , the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood , and the Batman: Arkham video game franchise. Black Mask's origin story was established in his first appearance. Roman Sionis was born to wealthy and utterly self-absorbed parents, who cared more about their social status in Gotham City than their own son. Moments after Roman's birth, the doctor carelessly dropped him on his head, and his parents covered up the entire incident so that their high society friends would not find out. Years later, he was attacked by a rabid raccoon at the Sionis family country estate, and his parents forbade him to mention the incident to anyone. Despite their dislike for fellow socialites Thomas and Martha Wayne , Roman's parents continued to associate with them to maintain their social standing, and forced Roman to befriend their son, Bruce.

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