Need to get away for awhile

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need to get away for awhile

Escape Quotes (558 quotes)

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Published 24.02.2019

LaTasha Lee - Get Away (Official Music Video)

Life can feel overwhelming and claustrophobic.

20 Quotes For When You Feel Like You Just Need To Get Away From It All

Have you ever felt like you need to get away? Like, you need to go some where different or new, to get yourself back in a good state of mind? Wanting to get away from a familiar scene is okay. Sometimes, we get in these 'funks' that make us feel like we are losing who we really are. Being somewhere for a long time can put us in a state of mind where we even get bored or 'stir crazy' from not going anywhere else. Also, depending on what's going on in your life you can become down or stressed which makes you tired of being where you are at.

There are few things as important to me as my passport; it's tattered, well-worn and stained with stamps of cities, countries and continents that are soaked into its creases. It has borne witness to every exploit, to every missed plane and every excited skip I've taken from airport to city-center. My passport has been my ticket to every wine-soaked story I replay to myself when I can't sleep. It's seen every cringe-worthy moment I stumbled over a foreign language. It's the key to my past, my present and all the could-bes that decorate my imagination in the throes of boredom. When I was a child and perhaps even now , I would spin the globe and run my finger up and down excitedly determining where I would spend the whole of my life.

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An Impossible Dream

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