History of the internet for dummies

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history of the internet for dummies

The Internet For Dummies by John R. Levine

Over the past fifteen years, the Internet has had an enormous impact on communication and commerce all over the world. With a growing and diverse population of internet users out there, the world has definitely become a smaller place. Over 450 million people use the Internet for email correspondence, ecommerce, social networking, research, local and worldwide news reports, and much more. Whether you are just starting out in your online travels or even if you have been online for awhile, The Internet For Dummies, shows you how to do everything better and faster. Youll surf the Web, do research, conduct business transactions, and much more--like a seasoned pro!

The Internet For Dummies will walk you through the fundamentals of the Internet, as well as provide more advanced techniques and features to explore once you get your feet on the ground. This resourceful guide will help you:

Connect to the Internet and understand the different ways to connect, including wireless, DSL, and cable Set up an e-mail account and communicate through e-mail Explore other communication tools such as Instant Messaging and message boards Use search engines like Yahoo! and Google to browse and research Shop and sell online Investigate online Web communities like blogs and social sites Create your own Web page and handle general Internet housekeeping In this fully updated edition, The Internet for Dummies will help you get the most out of your Internet experience. Written by renowned authors, this book is sure to be valuable to both new users and experienced ones alike.
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While the complete history of the Internet could easily fill a few books, this article should familiarize you with key milestones and events related to the growth and.
John R. Levine

A Very Short History Of The Internet And The Web

Your first step in getting familiar with the Internet is to understand what some of these terms mean. The Internet is a large network of computers that contain information and technology tools that anybody with an Internet connection can access. One of the main features of the Internet is the World Wide Web or web for short , a huge collection of documents with links to one another. An individual document is a web page. A related group of web pages published by the same person or company is a website.

Which came first, the personal computer or the Internet? If you say “personal computer,” guess again. The Internet as we know it may not have.
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What is the Internet?

Mention the history of the Internet to a group of people, and chances are someone will make a snarky comment about Al Gore claiming to have invented it. Gore actually said that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet" [source: CNN ]., This timeline highlights the major and some minor developments in the evolution of these twin flowers of the digital age, one the Internet a network infrastructure, the other the Web a software infrastructure layered on top of it. Three key themes or tensions arise from this very short history of the Internet and the Web: 1.

Last updated: January 18, W hen you chat to somebody on the Net or send them an e-mail, do you ever stop to think how many different computers you are using in the process? There's the computer on your own desk, of course, and another one at the other end where the other person is sitting, ready to communicate with you. But in between your two machines, making communication between them possible, there are probably about a dozen other computers bridging the gap. Collectively, all the world's linked-up computers are called the Internet.

Which came first, the personal computer or the Internet? The Internet as we know it may not have taken shape until the s, well after Bill Gates revealed his first PC. So who invented the Internet? The timeline of the Internet actually traces all the way back to the Vietnam War era: , to be exact. In that year, a team of defense engineers at the University of Los Angeles-California UCLA sent the first-ever instant message via computer to another team thousands of miles away at Stanford University. In its short history the Internet has rapidly evolved from this simple, four-hub, military-only data grid to a planet-wide, universally accessed and accessible informational universe that we know and love today.

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