Over the hills and far away folk song

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over the hills and far away folk song

Over the Hills & Far Away by Chris Conover

Hold on to your hat!
Tommy was a pipers son,
He learned to pipe when he was young;
The only song that he could play
Was over the hills and far away.
Over the hills and a long way off
The wind shall blow my top hat off.
Come join the fun as Tom, an otter pup, sets out on a merry journey through the various seasons, enchanting young and old alike with his exuberant piping. Among his charmed listeners are raccoons, rabbits, pigs, and a well-dressed snail -- but the most charmed of all is Molly, who accepts his hand in marriage.
In reimagining this traditional folk song, Chris Conover once again proves her incredible skill, which was touted by School Library Journal: No one portrays animals in a more charming and expressive way than Conover. For the musically inclined, music for piano and guitar is in the back of the book.
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Men of Harlech

Traditional Sound Discogr. A bit of non-musical advertisement for very talented students of my department.
Chris Conover

Over the Hills and Far Away

The words have changed over the years, as can be seen in the versions below; the only consistent element in early versions is the title line and the tune. D'Urfey's and Gay's versions both refer to lovers, while Farquhar's version refers to fleeing overseas to join the army; the tune was provided with another set of lyrics for the British Sharpe television series of the s, based on Farquhar's version. This version was also recorded by John Tams who played Dan Hagman in the series. The nursery rhyme " Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son " mentions a piper who knows only one tune, this one. Early versions of this, known as "The distracted Jockey's Lamentations", may have been written but not included in Thomas D'Urfey's play The Campaigners :. Another nursery rhyme " Five Little Ducks " uses the title of the song as a line. In The Beggar's Opera the song is a duet between the antihero Macheath and his lover Polly, it is a romantic dream of escape, with no military references.

But I heard this first from Carthy so it will always be Queen Anne for me. Perhaps the mentions of gentlemen add an odd class reference, suggesting the common soldier is ennobled by volunteering. Still, you can turn the volume down or grin and bear it. There are some very interesting additions and variations on Mudcat too. You can buy the February digital album now from all good download stores.

Hark now the drums beat up again For all true soldier gentlemen So let us list and march I say And go over the hills and far away Chorus: Over the hills, and o'er the main To Flanders, Portugal and Spain Queen Anne commands and we'll obey And go over the hills and far away. There's twenty shillings on the drum For him that with us freely comes 'Tis volunteers shall win the day Over the hills and far away. Chorus: 3. Come gentlemen that have a mind To serve a queen that's good and kind Come list and enter in to pay And go over the hills and far away. Chorus: 4. And we shall live more happy lives Free of squalling brats and wives Who nag and vex us every day So its over the hills and far away.


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The Overture / Sharpe's Theme / Prelude (featuring Sean Bean)


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  1. Here's forty shillings on the drum For those who'll volunteer to come To 'list and fight the foe today.

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