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And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic by Randy Shilts

By the time Rock Hudsons death in 1985 alerted all America to the danger of the AIDS epidemic, the disease had spread across the nation, killing thousands of people and emerging as the greatest health crisis of the 20th century. America faced a troubling question: What happened? How was this epidemic allowed to spread so far before it was taken seriously? In answering these questions, Shilts weaves the disparate threads into a coherent story, pinning down every evasion and contradiction at the highest levels of the medical, political, and media establishments.

Shilts shows that the epidemic spread wildly because the federal government put budget ahead of the nations welfare; health authorities placed political expediency before the public health; and scientists were often more concerned with international prestige than saving lives. Against this backdrop, Shilts tells the heroic stories of individuals in science and politics, public health and the gay community, who struggled to alert the nation to the enormity of the danger it faced. And the Band Played On is both a tribute to these heroic people and a stinging indictment of the institutions that failed the nation so badly.
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Randy Shilts

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This movie is like a bomb going off. It has also been one of the most notoriously embattled TV productions in recent memory. The hostilities have included accusations of censorship, allegations of falsifying history, and charges of homophobia all of which at one point exploded into a fax feud so fierce that even Roseanne might have waved a white flag. I have to say there was at least a little hypocrisy involved here. Based on the best-seller by longtime San Francisco journalist Randy Shilts whose latest book, Conduct Unbecoming , deals with homosexuals in the military , Band is a sprawling survey of the early years of the AIDS epidemic. It traces how the disease was first observed in , how French and American scientists fought over who would get credit for discovering the virus, and how Washington, D. Don Francis, based on the epidemiologist who worked at the Centers for Disease Control in the s; Gere plays a gay choreographer who becomes an early casualty; and Tomlin is a San Francisco public-health worker.

In , epidemiologist Don Francis Matthew Modine learns of an increased rate of death among gay men in urban areas. The startling information leads him to begin investigating the outbreak, which is ultimately identified as AIDS. His journey finds mostly opposition from politicians and doctors, but several join him in his cause.
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  1. And the Band Played On. ()h 20minPG Matthew Modine stars in this medical thriller as a young doctor tracking a deadly epidemic halfway.

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