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1st and hope supper club

Wisconsin Supper Clubs: An Old-Fashioned Experience by Ron Faiola

Wisconsin Supper Clubs is a resource for and about supper clubs throughout Wisconsin that includes beautiful photographs of the unique supper club interiors, proprietors, and customers, as well as fascinating archival materials. Also recorded in this book are the regional specialties served at these clubs, ranging from popovers and fried pickles in the northern part of the state to Shrimp de Jonghe in the south. One Northwoods supper club even features fry bread, a traditional Native American dish uncommon to most any restaurant.

The supper club experience is a tradition embodied by many long-standing restaurants scattered throughout the small towns of Wisconsin. It is based around a bygone idea that going out to dinner is an experience that lasts an entire evening. The clubs emphasizing food made from scratch, slow-paced dining, and family-run businesses. Combine this with stately dark-panel decor, complimentary relish trays, and the best brandy Old Fashioned sweet youll ever have, and you have barely scratched the surface of the Wisconsin supper clubs appeal.

Author Ron Faiola is the critically acclaimed director and producer of the documentary by the same name. Supper clubs are hugely popular with Wisconsin locals and regularly frequented by all Midwestern foodies in the know. With Wisconsin Supper Clubs as a guide, these establishments are primed to be choice summer road trip destinations for anyone looking for low-cost vacations this summer. After the successful debut of Faiolas documentary, this book is sure to be a hit throughout the region and beyond.
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First And Hope

Step back in time, sip a champagne julep and be greeted by a hostess in a Mad Men -inspired gown.
Ron Faiola

First & Hope: Food to Be Ogled

We walked out on New Years Eve!!! They left us standing at the hostess desk for what seemed like an eternity and then when someone finally walked over, they so called could not find our reservation. They seemed to struggle to find a table for us in a half empty restaurant. After previously being told we could order from the regular menu before , the waiter informed us that that wasnt true. We had to order from the NYE menu with limited choice like liver and onions and pork chops I just read a review that said the pork chops were horrible. We were never offered a drink and the entire staff treated us as if we were in the wrong place. I felt unwelcome from the moment walked in.

Nightlife: One would expect a dark downtown alley or a discreet entrance that required a code, special knock or secret handshake to gain entrance in the new supper club in downtown LA. Au contraire! It was not what we expected, nor was anything else we experienced throughout the night. The back cabaret styled room was busy, booked up by the youthful leader of the LA Philharmonic. Star Gustavo Dudamel who was very casually dressed was jumping up and down with reckless abandon late on a Sunday afternoon to iconic 80 styled music. It was a slightly different slant than his tux and tales, animated boy wonder look that we have become accustomed to.

Does the Flash-intensive Web site give the costume designer and the bartender as much play as it does the chef? It does. Is the menu of proto-Southern tavern food programmed as carefully as a Golden Globes acceptance speech? There isn't a current meme that has gone unnoticed, from the mac 'n' cheese flights to the flatiron steak, from innard mania to beer-can chicken, from cocktailianism to pot roast, from fried chicken to meatloaf with foie gras. In a certain way, all you have to know about the place is that the Back Yard Garden Salad, said to feature ramps, fiddlehead ferns, English peas, morels and pea tendrils, a rather complete catalog of a produce fetishist's spring, in fact contained none of those ingredients — not one! But the other thing you should know is that it ended up being one of the best salads of the year anyway, a collection of young endives and chicories and such served with a jigger of Green Goddess dressing on the side, like an herb-scented salad version of cookies and milk. So does it much matter that the Praise the Lard plate features slivered pigs' ears fried hard by someone who's obviously never eaten pigs' ears, pig cheeks braised overlong in bourbon and pork belly closer to yesterday's chicharrones?

Dinner Menu

Engage her only a little, because you might get her worked up. Leave soon, before you find her trying too hard to keep you there. Know her for her strengths, be cautious of her weaknesses — of which there are many. If there were a list of those weaknesses, it would be the majority of her menu. She was up-front.

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