Geochemistry of sediments and sedimentary rocks

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geochemistry of sediments and sedimentary rocks

Geochemistry of sediments and sedimentary rocks: evolutionary considerations to mineral deposit-forming environments by David R. Lentz

Geochemistry of sediments and sedimentary rocks: historical to research perspectives / David R. Lentz --
The roles of provenance and sedimentary processes in the geochemistry of sedimentary rocks / Scott M. McLennan [and others] --
Petrogenesis of siliciclastic sediments and sedimentary rocks / H. Wayne Nesbitt --
Isotopic evolution of seawater on geological time scales: sedimentological perspective / Ja?n Veizer --
Provenance and crust-mantle evolution studies based on radiogenic isotopes in sedimentary rocks / P. Jonathan Patchet --
A review of the Rhenium-Osmium (Re-Os) isotope system with application to organic-rich sedimentary rocks / Robert A. Creaser --
Geochemistry of clastic sedimentary rocks: ratio techniques / Philip Fralick--
Morphological, chemical, and geochronological techniques for characterizing detrital zircon / Richard A. Cox --
Redbeds: source of metals for sediment-hosted stratiform copper, sandstone copper, sandstone lead, and sandstone uranium-vanadium deposits / Alex C. Brown --
Metalliferous Paleozoic black shales and associated strata / Raymond M. Coveney, Jr. --
Ancient iron formations: their genesis and use in the exploration for stratiform base metal sulphide deposits, with examples from the Bathurst Mining Camp / Jan M. Peter.
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Formation of Sedimentary Rocks Clastic, Biochemical, Organic and Chemical - Geology

Geochemistry of sediments

Karen D. ISBN Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis ; 5 2 : How can geochemistry be applied to our understanding of the formation and evolution of sedimentary rocks and sedimentary basins? Collectively, the ten papers included in this book address this question and suggest that geochemistry is important for a understanding changes that take place in the diagenetic environment, b interpreting provenance and developing crustal evolutionary models, c dating sedimentary rocks, and d understanding the genetic relationships between sedimentary ore deposits and their associated sedimentary sequences. The introduction by David Lentz is a good historical perspective and review of the use of geochemistry in sedimentary rock research that provides perspective for the Shibboleth Sign In.


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