Sarah kolb and adrianne reynolds

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sarah kolb and adrianne reynolds

The Murder of Adrianne Reynolds & Other Stories: A Collection of True Crime by Pete Bird

The murder of Illinois teenager Adrianne Reynolds made national headlines after she was strangled and dismembered by two of her classmates, Sarah Anne Kolb and Cory Gregory in 2005. Sarah and Cory would take Adriennes body to Sarahs grandparents farm where they attempted to burn it to no avail. They would then recruit another friend to help dismember the body after which they would dump it in a historic site. The three then went and ate lunch at McDonalds to celebrate their crime. What would ever possess these teens to commit such a horrific crime?

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Murder of Adrianne Reynolds

Images taken circa Sarah and Cory met in East Moline, Illinois in Sarah and Cory struck up conversation after sharing a joint together at the local mall, and the pair reportedly grew inseparable after that. In fact, it was common knowledge that Cory had romantic feelings for Sarah. Those feelings were not returned, though—Sarah identified as a lesbian and had been quite clear about her sexuality. Still, Cory adored Sarah and reportedly followed everything she did.

She was beaten, strangled, burned, and dismembered by her classmates Sarah Anne Kolb and Cory Gregory on January 21, On the afternoon of January 21, , Sarah invited Adrianne to join her and Cory for lunch at Taco Bell ; on the way there, Sarah and Adrianne reportedly began fighting. After the murder, Sarah and Cory took Adrianne's body to Sarah's grandparents' farm in Aledo, Illinois , where they tried to burn it with gasoline. When it failed to burn after several hours, they recruited Nathan Gaudet, a year-old boy from Moline , to help dismember the body. Adrianne's parents reported her missing after she failed to show up to work at a nearby Checkers restaurant. Sarah Kolb and Cory Gregory were both charged with two counts of first-degree murder and concealment of a homicide on February 1, ; they both pleaded not guilty.

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