Black and white abstract expressionism

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black and white abstract expressionism

Abstract Expressionism by David Anfam

The most important art movement since the Second World War, Abstract Expressionism revolutionized the way Americans viewed art and culture alike. Drawing on a vast array of scholarly research, David Anfam examines the politically radical spirit of a nucleus of artists who transgressed the traditional forms of American art and faced the tensions of a modernizing society. The author places the movement within a broad cultural background, while at the same time giving a close account of the visual art of Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko, as well as the photography of Aaron Siskind and the sculpture of David Smith. 169 illus., 28 in color
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10 Black And White Abstract Art Paintings That You'll Love

Prices in your local currency are based on the current USD conversion rates and are subject to change. Orginal Black White abstract painting by Leon Grossmann abstract painting. Original abstract expressionism art. Stretched on a wooden frame. The sides are painted, so the painting is ready to hang. You get a certification of authenticity. I always offer exclusive my original paintings, handmade, signed and dated on the front by myself.

In our constant perusal of fabulous interiors and inspiring spaces, we're always drawn to the impact of black-and-white abstract art. Popping up everywhere and in a variety of interior styles, the look is always sophisticated and chic. Though the trend is increasingly popular, we're reluctant to call it such, as we consider it timeless and see no end in sight to its popularity and impact. Find out how you can maximize its impact with these handy tips—and shop some of our favorite pieces. In spaces where color reigns supreme, simplifying the artwork by restricting the color scheme to classic black and white gives your eye a place to rest.

Artworks and Artists of Abstract Expressionism

Abstract Expressionist artists reinvented abstract painting—and other media—forming a distinctly American style. Abstract Expressionist painters explored new ways of creating art, reinvigorating and reinventing the medium. They changed the nature of painting with their large, abstract canvases , energetic and gestural lines , and new artistic processes. Artists also developed new techniques to apply paint, such as moving the canvas from the easel to the floor and working on unstretched and unprimed canvas. With these unconventional ways of painting, the Abstract Expressionists sought new forms of self- expression and personal freedom in their work. Jackson Pollock is perhaps the most well-known Abstract Expressionist, famous for his mural -sized action paintings. Placing the canvas on the floor, Pollock would drip, splatter, fling, and smear paint from all sides.

The below artworks are the most important in Abstract Expressionism - that both overview the major ideas of the movement, and highlight the greatest achievements by each artist in Abstract Expressionism. Don't forget to visit the artist overview pages of the artists that interest you. By the mid s his work began to change with the appearances of dashes and jags of colored lines atop his paintings. This marked his own shift into Abstract Expressionism as a non-objective painter interested in juxtaposing different colors and surfaces into a variety of formations. Although known for being one of the prominent Color Field painters, Still's hot bursts and crackly lines of vivid hues that conjure tears and gashes were distinct from say Rothko's more simplified washes of color, or Newman's thin lines. This can be seen in D-No.

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  1. Among others, artists such as Jackson Pollock — , Willem de Kooning — , Franz Kline — , Lee Krasner — , Robert Motherwell — , William Baziotes — , Mark Rothko — , Barnett Newman — , Adolph Gottlieb — , Richard Pousette-Dart — , and Clyfford Still — advanced audacious formal inventions in a search for significant content.

  2. Prices in your local currency are based on the current USD conversion rates and are subject to change.

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  4. Defying visual references which exists around the world, Abstract art is an art style which has no form or figure.

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