Difference between trekkie and trekker

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difference between trekkie and trekker

Trekker Quotes (1 quote)

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Trekkies or Trekkers

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Tradition holds that Trekkie is a term used by outsiders to describe Star Trek fans and that the competing term Trekker was used by Star Trek fans to describe themselves. Some of the nuances have been lost by now. This distinction, however, may never have been universally true: for example, see Trekkie Talk , published in Australia in the s. At times, "trekkie" was considered offensive, but the explanation for the difference between the terms has been in wide circulation long past the point where anyone actually cared; because the distinction was recorded in a variety of sources, including academic publications and statements by industry people connected to the franchise, new generations of fans could read all about it, but the original context was lost. Trekkie : "Although the mundane world makes no distinction between Trekkie and any other term for the ST fan, Trekkie is considered odd, unfitting and even derogatory to some serious ST fans. Trekker : "This term is more accepted within fandom and carry the connotation of the serious, mature student of the show and of fandom.

Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. What's the difference between a trekkie and a trekker? What is the difference between a Trekkie and a trekker, and which one are you? Joined: Jan 20, Location: inside teacake.

Many production staffers on the Star Trek franchise were self professed "Trekkies" or "Trekkers", depending on one's point of view and in the s, early 's that was considered an asset as Star Trek: The Motion Picture Art Director Richard Taylor recalled, " To design the models for the show I hired an exceptional team of designers.
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Top definition. A fan of any iteration of Star Trek, not just the Next Generation as elsewhere noted. Original series Star Trek fans have had a preference for trekker, not trekkie , going back to the early '70s and the first conventions. At about that time , the mainstream media discovered Star Trek fandom with feature stories that usually had a condescending spin, including the term trekkie. These were along the lines of "Who are these trekkies and why do they gather by the thousands to profess their love for an old canceled TV show?

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