Good luck and bad luck

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good luck and bad luck

Good Luck/Bad Luck by Harriet Ziefert

Harriet Ziefert grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey, where she attended the local schools. She graduated from Smith College, then received a Masters degree in Education from New York University.

For many years, Ziefert was an elementary school teacher. She taught most grades from kindergarten to fifth grade. I liked it, she said, but she stopped teaching when she had her own sons. When her children were older, Ziefert wanted a bigger arena for her work. She went to work at a publishing company, Scholastic in New York City, developing materials for teachers guides for kindergarten language arts and social studies programs.

About twelve years ago, says Ziefert in a 1995 interview, I tried to get a job as an editor, but no one would hire me as a trade editor. So I decided to write my own books. Since then, she has written several hundred books, mostly picture books and easy-to-read books. I write books very quickly, she says, in about twelve hours. I rewrite them three times over three days, and then theyre done. She writes about twenty books a year.
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25 Bad Luck Superstitions from Around the World

Certain beliefs among the members of a society sometimes arise out of fear, sometimes from helplessness and sometimes by chance. Many of them have no scientific basis and are not linked to any particular religious faith. These beliefs have even revealed differences between individuals, yet they all have certain aspects in common. The fingers of anyone who does so will grow weak and thin. It is believed that a guest will come if a dead person is seen in a dream.

But is it considered good or bad luck if you see the moggies, and why do they have such an unfortunate reputation? Black cats feature in the superstitions of many countries — but whether they mean good luck or bad varies. In the Middle Ages they were thought to be the assistants of witches, and in the US they are still thought to bring misfortune. But in Britain and Ireland it is lucky to see a black cat , as it is in Germany — as long as it crosses your path from left to right. However, in many other areas of Europe, black moggies are considered a symbol of bad luck, especially in the event of one walking across the path in front of you, which is said to be an omen of death.

Skip to main content. Nikos was an ordinary man. One thing that he did not believe in was superstition. But when so many things that are meant to cause bad luck started bringing him good luck, he began to wonder …. Nothing particularly good ever happened to him; nothing particularly bad ever happened to him.

Good Luck- Bad Luck. Certain beliefs among the members of a society sometimes arise out of fear, sometimes from helplessness and sometimes by chance.
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One day, the horse escaped into the hills. Good luck? Who knows? A week later, the horse returned with a herd of horses from the hills. This time the neighbors congratulated the farmer on his good luck.

Superstitions, myths, omens, and irrational beliefs certainly play a role in cultures throughout the world and here we propose to offer a few for your entertainment and enjoyment. For ease, the topic of superstitions can be divided into three main categories: those that bring bad luck; those bringing good luck and the third type which can be called myths or folklore. A Black Cat which crosses your path will bring bad luck. Traditionally linked with witches and Halloween they are thought, by some, to be the embodiment of evil. Never kill a sparrow because in ancient times it was believed that they carried the souls of the dead and ending its life will bring bad luck.

Spilling pepper, complimenting a baby, and cutting your fingernails after dark are just a few of the things that will earn you bad luck around the world. If this does happen to you, though, all hope isn't lost: Put your clothes on the right way immediately and have a friend symbolically hit you, which will minimize the potential threat. When you're visiting Czechia—the world's number one per capita beer-consuming country—do not pour a beer into a glass that has beer of a different kind in it; bad luck will surely follow. While Americans are generally superstitious about Friday the 13th, Greeks are traditionally wary of Tuesdays, and especially Tuesday the 13th. The rationale for the superstition goes all the way back to Tuesday, April 13, on the Julian calendar , when Constantinople completely fell to the Crusaders.

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