Zenger and folkman 5 competencies of leaders

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zenger and folkman 5 competencies of leaders

The Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers into Great Leaders by John H. Zenger

A No-Nonsense, Battle-Tested Program for Developing Exceptional Leadership Skills--Both In Your Organization and Yourself. The ability to lead, far more than just a natural gift, is a concrete and learnable skill­­ - one that can be acquired by studying and applying specific proficiencies and attitudes. The Extraordinary Leader draws on responses from 200,000 questionnaires to define the skills that comprise effective leadership, and then provides a systematic and innovative program for attaining, developing, and implementing those skills. The Extraordinary Leader reveals leadership as a skill, one that can be consciously learned and developed by anyone. This breakthrough book identifies the competencies necessary for effective leadership by analyzing the responses of tens of thousands of workforce members as they describe, in effect, What makes a great leader? Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman­­ - two of todays preeminent leadership experts­­analyze the answers and provide a broad and universal model for achieving exceptional results. They outline the five core competencies that form the basis for successful leadership and detail techniques that include: Methods that top organizations use to develop leaders from within their own ranks. A major weakness in most leadership development programs has been the tendency to aim low and strive for incremental improvements in individual areas of weakness. When the results inevitably fail to impact the bottom line, organizations abandon programs as unsuccessful­­ and again resume their misguided focus on uncovering and eliminating leadership weaknesses instead of identifying and developing leadership strengths. The Extraordinary Leader provides research-based strategies for strengthening leadership both in individuals and in organizations and, in the process, delivers a solid yet flexible leadership development program that will provide long-term value to virtually any organization.
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Zenger and Folkman's 10 Fatal Leadership Flaws

The products and services we provide have emerged from solid research and data, not merely our experiences and beliefs.
John H. Zenger

Why Zenger Folkman is Unique

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Meet Mr. - A few weeks ago, we were asked to analyze a competency model for leadership development that a client had created. It was based on the idea that at different points in their development, potential leaders need to focus on excelling at different skills.

This post looks at what has been learned over the decade of implementing the Strengths-Based Leadership Development System. Jack Zenger, Joe Folkman, and their team have compiled a huge body of research on the best practices for developing and effectively using leadership competency models:. Highly effective leaders have a dramatic impact on morale, teamwork, engagement, innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, productivity, safety, sales, and profits. But which behaviors have the greatest impact? Each of the data sets represented different customized surveys from a wide variety of organizations across dozens of sectors with nearly 2, behavioral descriptions or survey items. They searched for the competencies that sharply delineated the top 10 percent from the bottom 10 percent of leaders by their performance outcomes.



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  1. Zenger Folkman's research began with looking at survey responses from Don't Try to Do it All: Build 3- 5 Competencies from Good to Great.

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