Similarities between hinduism and islam

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similarities between hinduism and islam

Similarities Between Hinduism & Islam by DR. Zakir Naik

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Published 16.12.2018

What Do Hinduism and Judaism Have in Common? (VLOG)

Islam originated in the desert sands of Arabia as a reaction against prevailing native traditions based on the revelations received by Prophet Muhammad. Hinduism originated in the temperate climate of the Indian subcontinent as a result of the synthesis of different indigenous and foreign traditions and in continuation of the prehistoric religious beliefs of lost civilizations. Although founded by a prophet, in Islam we find echoes of ancient Judo Christian beliefs, with some deviations that are unsettling for both.
DR. Zakir Naik

Hinduism and Islam, A Comparison of Beliefs and Practices

At a time when Hindus and Muslims have again started killing each other, when mistrust, misunderstanding and hate stalk the two communities, it is imperative that Islam and Hinduism learn at last to live together. There is no other solution: Hindus cannot wish away the million Muslim minority; and the followers of Islam in India cannot ignore forever the feelings of the majority community, who after all is million strong in India and 1,1 billion worldwide. Kashmir is an unsolvable problem, as neither Pakistan, nor India are ready to surrender their claims, this for obvious reasons. Ayodhya remains an equally inextricable dilemma, because it has been politicized and communalized so much by political parties, that nobody is willing to make the first step. But then, how to bridge the apparently immense gap between Islam and Hinduism? Hindus face East to pray; Muslims turn to the West.

Diasporic Hinduism

Both religions believe that God gave man free will so that he could be responsible for his actions. That God is kind enough to let us choose our path and be responsible for it. Both religions believe that God has the power to execute and enforce his will. This is a mark of a personal god, one who cares about the universe he created. Both religions believe in the responsibility of each individual towards others; charity, righteousness, forgiveness, compassion, are considered to be important qualities to develop. Both religions believe that remembering and reciting names of God and mantras creates an inner connection to the divine.

So then what is the source or basis of hinduism? I thought the great philosophical description of oneness of God is found only in the Vedas, but surprisingly you don't attribute this to vedas. What's their origin and how does it fit into over all philosophy of One God? Secondly, what do you mean by realization of One God and not followed? But then you talked about reaching God and not heaven, does it mean that one becomes God or what? Kindly be specific, if you can?

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