Self portrait of a hero by benjamin and iddo netanyahu

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self portrait of a hero by benjamin and iddo netanyahu

Self-Portrait Of A Hero: The Letters Of Jonathan Netanyahu by Jonathan Netanyahu

I have read many books and this is my favorite. Yoni has an incredible outlook on life, that is amazingly touching and relatable. Do read this book, and hopefuly, some of Yoni will continue to live within each one of us.

One of my favorite letters of his:

May 23, 1963


Youre almost sixteen. Do you realize youve lived nearly a quarter of your life? An insect, which only lives a few days, probably feels that its life span is enormous. Perhaps thats why we believe that we still have an eternity ahead of us. But, man does not live forever, and he should put the days of his life to the best possible use. He should try to live life to his fullest. How to do this I cant tell you. If I had a clear answer, Id have half the solution to the puzzle called life.

I only know that I dont want to reach a certain age, look around me and suddenly discover that Ive created nothing, that Im like all other human beings who dash about like so many insects, back and forth, never accomplishing anything, endlessly repeating the routine of their existence only to descend to their graves, leaving behind them progeny that will merely repeat the same nothingness.

Why am I writing all this to you? Perhaps to protest against your failure to realize that with every passing day you acquire a complete world. Now, this very moment, youve gained something. From every mistake you make you gain a little. Every single moment of your life is a whole epoch.

Do you remember Rudyard Kiplings poem If? In one of the stanzas he says:

If you can fill the unforgiven minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run,
Yours is the earth....

Because each and every minute is made up of seconds and of even briefer fragments of time, and every tiny fragment ought not to be allowed to pass in vain. I must feel certain that not only at the moment of my death shall I be able to account for the time i have lived; I ought to be ready at every moment of my life to confront myself and say -- This is what I have done.

Regretabbly, Rina, we cant go back to where we were. To this very day I swear that the best and most beautiful days I ever had were those when I was a child, living in Talpiot, hiding in huge fields, covered almost completely by grass, looking for lady-bugs, seeing the world as the most marvelous place, and grown-ups -- as veritable giants. But this period, too, is over, and now Im facing the coming years of my life. I can remember the past, but i cannot return to it. It has passed, its gone, finished. I gaze at the future and dream of the life yet to come, with one year chasing another.

In Israel, I lived in one world, but that world of mine was divided into many parts. A world of aims (one of them, for example, was common to us both - to set up a troop). Life consists of countless experiences and is measured from innumerable points of view. But the things I did, I did with utter sincerity, and devoted all my strength to their accomplishment. All this did not prevent me from living with myself, from contemplating things that no one beside me knew anything about.

Here -- I have little contact with people my age. I have no interest in them, I dont need them. I am not part of them. Theyre too frivolous. Ive come across many like them in Israel and I must admit that those in Israel didnt interest me anymore than the ones here. That Im alone (and believe me in Israel too I was alone) does not detract from the fact that I, as an individual, as a single unit, constitute an entire world. My life will be complete not because of others, but because of myself. If I err and I make mistakes, Ill start again and build anew. There is no reason why the tower I build around myself, around my person, whatever it may be, should not stand forever.

Death -- thats is the only thing that disturbs me. It doesnt frighten me; it arouses my curiousity. It is a puzzle that I, like many others, have tried to solve without success. I do not fear it because I attribute little value to a life without a purpose. And if I should have to sacrifice my life to attain its goal, Ill do so willingly.

Miss You

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KING BIBI - The Life and Performances of Benjamin Netanyahu - Official Trailer

(WITH NOTES AND AN AFTERWORD BY HIS BROTHERS BENJAMIN AND IDDO; Presents a self-portrait of the Israeli commando leader who was killed while Self-Portrait of a Hero: From the Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu,
Jonathan Netanyahu

Self-Portrait of a Hero

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Iddo Netanyahu is a highly intelligent, unassuming radiologist whose greatest achievement may be that he has crafted a prosaic existence out of circumstances that might have impelled a less imaginative man to reach for greatness. He attended medical school at Hebrew University and then did post-doctoral work at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York in radiology, which is a branch of medicine that often saves lives and is also notably removed from the agony of patients and their families. Political history is littered with sad stories of siblings who felt compelled to take up a real or imagined family mantle to the detriment of their own separate human existence, or who wound up destroying themselves to get attention, or to avoid the burden of being someone they plainly were not. Becoming a radiologist—a specialty safely removed from politically damaging malpractice suits—is a much better choice than seeking the spotlight. Jonathan, Benjamin, and Iddo all wrote books, but Iddo is the most accomplished writer of the three—the only one who was truly inclined toward the work of introspection and empathetic connection that is necessary to create characters and narrative.

New York: Random House. EVEN if he had not been killed at the age of 30 while leading the spectacular Israeli rescue raid on Entebbe airport in Uganda in , the world would probably have heard from Jonathan Netanyahu, for he had the intelligence, the gift of leadership and the iron will needed to make his mark.
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The mission was successful, with of the hostages rescued, but Netanyahu was killed in action —the only IDF fatality during the operation. The eldest son of the Israeli professor Benzion Netanyahu , Yonatan was born in New York City and spent much of his youth in the United States, where he attended high school. After his death Operation Entebbe was renamed "Operation Yonatan" in his honour.



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