Depressing facts about the world

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depressing facts about the world

Sad Animal Facts by Brooke Barker

I was sent this from Pan Macmillan for review, and Im so happy to have revived it as its such a cute little book!

What I liked in particular about this book was that after you have looked at all the cute pictures and read the interesting (and somewhat depressing) facts, there is a full explanation provided for each of the facts at the end of the book which gives you a lot more background information. And some of the explanations are heartbreaking!

Well worth a read if you like animals and having fun facts to share at parties.
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Published 07.12.2018

25 Depressing Statistics About The World We Live In

20 Sad Facts That'll Ruin Your Day

Grizzlies have been known to abandon their cubs. They will abandon single cubs so they can try for a larger litter next year. Humans killed the world's oldest animal. Ming the clam was years old and the oldest living animal. Humans accidentally killed it. Pluto didn't even get a birthday as a planet i.

41. Extinct Languages

I try to wake up every day with at least a little optimism that things are going to go well and that the world is inherently a good place to live. It can be really hard sometimes, but I think the human race as a whole generally tries to see the good that is being done over the bad. Some days are harder than others though. Negativity in the media at every turn can make it extremely difficult to feel positive about any current events. Everything is all doom and gloom nowadays. Have we ever taken a step back and looked at the fact that….. Our world faces many problems today that cannot be fixed anytime soon.

Last week, BuzzFeed cited sources claiming that an Al Gore presidential campaign was on its way. The report raised the hopes of many Americans, particularly environmentally conscious ones, but soon an official statement from Gore's camp burst our low-carbon bubbles. The brief excitement did, however, bring environmental issues to the forefront, if only temporarily. In picturing a Gore presidency and what he would prioritize, the United States was reminded of how grave climate change is, and how it not only threatens the country, but the future of our planet. And if you need yet another reminder, there are plenty of incredibly depressing facts about planet Earth to choose from.

Fortunately, there's no shortage of depressing facts that are a surefire way to get people talking. Regale fellow party-goers with tales of the world's loneliest animal, or bring down the mood with some harrowing statistics regarding our favorite medical practice. See also: 6 Depressing Facts About Love. Become the Debbie Downer you've always hoped to be with these depressing facts that will seriously bum you out. Or at least get a conversation going. Scientists first discovered the whale's song in and have been searching for it ever since.

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