Whats so funny about truth justice & the american way

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whats so funny about truth justice & the american way

Whats So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? by Joe Kelly

Action Comics #775, titled Whats So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?, is considered to be one of the best single issues of Superman in existence. And rightfully so — while its no All-Star Superman or Superman: Secret Identity, Joe Kelly still did an impressive job with a story that attempts to answer all the skeptics, haters and nay-sayers why exactly Superman was, is and always will be the greatest and most relevant superhero. The story faces Superman against the new aggressive The Authority-like supergroup called The Elite, who think that his methods are outdated and his ideals are stupid. Through it we see the burden of what it means to treat everybody with justice, why everyone deserves it and why its so important. While The Elite are sort of cartoon-ish in how extreme and borderline villainous they are (not to mention that this poke at The Authority doesnt seem entirely fair) and the story may generally feel a bit preachy and on the nose, I cant deny the effectiveness of Kellys writing. It does show the Superman who is tired of being deconstructed, belittled and overlooked, and in the most straightforward way possible the story answers the question raised by its own title. Hope is the way to go, and theres nothing funny about Supermans way. To every Superman fan, and especially to every Superman skeptic I recommend checking out this single issue. Right now its just a dollar on Comixology as part of Road to Action Comics #1000 sale, and at the very least youll read one of the characters milestone issues, but who knows, it also might change your opinion on the Greatest Hero of All Time.
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"What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?" is a story that appeared in Action Comics # as published by DC Comics in March Written.
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SUPERGIRL 4.13 Review “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, And The American Way?”

A group of metahumans calling themselves the Elite - consisting of Manchester Black, a psychokinetic; Hat, who has a supremely powerful magic hat; Coldcast, with power over subatomic particles; and Menagerie, who is covered with symbiotic creatures - suddenly appear on the world scene and proclaim themselves "super-heroes". They are able to stop a terrorist threat in Libya involving a giant genetically enhanced ape, but not without killing the perpetrators, and not without huge and unnecessary loss of civilian life. Upon learning about the Elite from reporter Jack Ryder , Superman heavily disapproves of the Elite's lack of morals and their willingness to kill. However, much to his dismay, many people tend to agree with the Elite's brutal methods, as they see it as the only way to deal with increasingly dangerous criminals and evil-doers. During a conversation he has with Steel after learning this, he wonders if the world has moved on without the need of Superman. Superman soon properly encounters the Elite after a battle against a Japanese super-villain team, who are slaughtered by the self-proclaimed "heroes". After being brought aboard the Elite's inter-dimensional ship called "Bunny", Superman argues with the Elite over their actions.

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Supergirl 4x13 What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way REACTION

The comic features a moral struggle between Superman and the values of a newer, violent heroes The Elite. The clash mirrored a real-life debate among the comics community in light of the success of comics such as The Authority which featured more explicit sex and violence. This issue was well-received by critics and has been reprinted several times. The Elite , a team of super-powered vigilantes gain worldwide popularity for confronting terrorists and other criminals, using methods that characterized by mass destruction and vicious execution of the criminals. They are led by a British telekinetic of immense power named Manchester Black , and include Coldcast, who can emit tremendous amounts of energy, Menagerie, who is symbiotically bonded with a number of demonic-looking beasts covering her body called symbeasts, and a magician named The Hat who whose magical abilities are centered upon his fedora. After Superman neutralizes a group of alien invaders called the Klee-Tee, the Elite appear. During their next confrontation, which occurs in the middle of a city, Superman implores the group to move their ensuring duel elsewhere, and the Elite oblige by transporting themselves and Superman to the Jovian moon Io , along with a group of hovering camera drones that transmit the ensuing battle back to Earth.

This post contains spoilers for Supergirl. Check out our last review here. When we last left Supergirl and her team, Menagerie was apprehended and Ben Lockwood was released on Presidential pardon. With Lockwood free, the Children of Liberty expected to see a lot more action from their martyred leader. In an attempt to make use of his visit with the President, he asks that The Children of Liberty all be deputized to help validate their America Firs—er, sorry—Earth First initiative.

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