Stop worrying about breast cancer

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stop worrying about breast cancer

Its Probably Nothing...*: *Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Implants by Micki Myers

Daring, sly, and unlike any other book you’ve read, this memoir-in-poems tackles cancer with a bawdy wit guaranteed to make you laugh your wig off.

WHAT TO DO WHEN CANCER STRIKES? As a vibrant woman in her late thirties, a mother of two, poet, artist, and teacher, Micki Myers decided to confront her diagnosis head on with the sharpest tools in her arsenal: namely, her sense of humor and unbridled poetic license.

The result is a charming, poignant, laugh-out-loud collection that hits all the highs (morphine) and lows (everything else) of being a cancer patient and surviving with your spirit intact (even if your boobs are not).

It’s Probably Nothing . . .* provides the perfect blend of wit and pathos to help you or a loved one achieve much-needed perspective on this frightening journey, whether recently diagnosed or reveling in remission. From losing your hair (even, ahem, down there) and gaining two bouncy silicone strangers, to the pitfalls of marijuana therapy and the endless chemo-room muzak “that makes you think / sur­vival might be overrated,” Myers reminds you that you’re not alone and that it’s okay to laugh.
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Stop. A Breast Check Could Save Your Life.

Managing Breast Cancer Fears

I went to the doctors a few days later and she put it down to muscle strain. She checked my armpit and all was fine. Feeling very upset and frustrated! Hello AnxietyGirl; sorry you are getting all this worry because of your anxieties. But I admit I am guessing here.

I remember the exact moment I was first hit with breast cancer anxiety. It was about 10 years ago, when I was an assistant health editor at Glamour. Like many medical reporters, I had the bad habit of suddenly imagining I had symptoms of whatever illness I happened to be researching. So one day after interviewing several young women who were battling breast cancer—women barely older than I was—I snuck off to a bathroom stall to frantically check myself for lumps. Breast cancer suddenly seemed so…imminent, and no other illness frightened me the way it did.

In some people, the fear of cancer rises to the level of an overt phobia. Most of us are not overtly phobic about cancer but it is always lurking deep in our subconscious. Why is it not an active fear? Examples of this from our daily life abound. This may seem unrelated to worrying about cancer but the underlying neurobiological mechanism is the same. But, the other side of that coin is that two out of three people remain unaffected.

Together we will beat cancer

Dr. Padgett Discusses Stress and Breast Cancer

So many women you know may have had breast cancer — friends and neighbors, coworkers, relatives. It seems as if every time you turn around, breast cancer is being talked about in the newspaper or on TV. You may be fearful of developing breast cancer for the first time or of receiving a diagnosis after a mammogram or other testing. Even though you may have some of these fears, you are not necessarily going to get breast cancer. Still, it's normal to have concerns about a disease that you hear about and see around you relatively often — and that you may have experienced yourself or through a loved one. Don't let the discussion of fear in this section feed into your own fears.

By Dr. Laura Esserman and Beth Crawford, Health. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. While all women are at risk for breast cancer, most of them won't get it -- and there are ways to reduce your risk. Story highlights History of at least one type of cancer in your family could mean you're at risk Treatment and reconstruction options are much better than what we had even 10 years ago All women are at risk for breast cancer, but most won't get it.

Yes, "breast cancer worry" is a factor listed as one of the "harms" of breast cancer screening. Wait, there is more Yes, my livelihood depends on the care and screening of women, but I also care about those women, many of whom are my dear friends, long loved patients, and relatives of mine. I don't want them to end up with unnecessary biopsies, but one in eight the incidence of breast cancer is a very scary statistic. My fear is that actuarial tables analyzing benefits do not consistently reflect what is best for the individual patient. Basically, the task force analysis indicates that the acceptable number of women tested with mammogram to save one life is somewhere between for somethings and for somethings. It clearly takes fewer somethings screened to save a life than somethings, and a line had to be drawn somewhere --so it was drawn at

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