Psychiatry books about mental illness

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psychiatry books about mental illness

Popular Psychiatry Books

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Anxiety And The Brain - A Life With Anxiety (POWERFUL Audiobook)

The best thing the psychiatric profession could have ever asked for is having a notoriously hated enemy like the Church of Scientology as its most widely known critic. Our brains are funny things, and in the interest of saving time we often use mental shortcuts to determine whether a piece of information is reliable or not.
Oliver Sacks

10 New Books About Mental Illness To Read In 2018

Throughout human history, few people have been more consistently feared and abused than the insane, and our misunderstanding of mental illness has typically determined how sufferers are treated. From ancient times — when psychological disturbances were attributed to demonic possession — to attempts in recent centuries to place insanity under the umbrella of medicine, where it belongs, the story of mental healthcare in the western world is fraught with misdiagnoses and crackpot therapies: purging and bloodletting, shackles and straitjackets, trepanning and lobotomies. Among the officers is a man who will obsess him for the rest of his career: William Borden, the Hero of the Providence. Years before, Borden saved several men from mutiny and led them in a dinghy across the Pacific to safety. Now he breaks down, in what seems like an irretrievable slide into insanity. He faces all the challenges of working in a pre-Freudian age, prior to a developed concept of the unconscious, and before the advance of neurology and what we now call psychiatry.

As a medical student, you will undertake a psychiatry attachment as part of your training. This section will help you make the most of the opportunity. Each medical school offers different lengths of attachments and there will be different opportunities available depending on your local services. Biological, psychological and social factors all need to be considered when considering a patient's difficulties and also in considering treatment strategies. Think of cases you see on the wards or in the community using the 'bio-psycho-social' triangle approach, and include these headings in your case formulations. When attending a multi-disciplinary meeting or ward round, arrange a time to talk to other professionals about their roles, for example occupational therapists and social workers. Even within the medical profession, psychiatry suffers much prejudice.

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One of my favorite quotes is from Mr. Henry Giles. Silent, passive, and noiseless though they be, they yet set in action countless multitudes, and change the order of nations.

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  1. To that end, here are the top ten books critical of psychiatry that Disease mongering is the fine art of selling psychiatric ills as the most.

  2. An effective psychiatrist or psychologist will own a bookshelf stocked with recommended reading for his patients.

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